1 AP FR 5 Summer Assignment Nom Lecture: Find an article in

AP FR 5 Summer Assignment
Nom __________________________________
Find an article in French that interests you from each of these 3 themes of the AP French
exam. Each article must come from a French/Francophone site of one of the three major
Paris papers (Le Monde, Libération, or Le Figaro) or a French magazine such as l’Express,
Le Nouvel Observateur etc. Each article must be between 300-400 words.
Write a 200-word summary and 5-10 discussion questions for each article (3 summaries
June – Theme – Global Challenges (Les défis mondiaux) - La tolerance, Les droits de
l’être humain, La santé, L’économie, L’environnement, La paix et la guerre, et
L’alimentation – Nutrition and Food Safety
July – Theme – Beauty and Aesthetics (L’esthétique) – L’architecture, Le beau – ideals of
beauty, Les arts littéraires, La musique, Les arts du spectacle, Les arts visuels, et le
patrimoine – contributions to artistic heritage
August – Theme – La Vie Contemporaine – La publicité et le marketing, L’éducation et
l’enseignement, Les fêtes, Le logement, Les loisirs et le sport, Le monde du travail, Les
rites de passage, et Les voyages
The summary should be double-spaced for each article. You can bring these to me in
August or send them to me by email ([email protected]) or on Google docs.
Compréhension écoute:
Go to the site http://www.bonjourdefrance.com/index/indexappinter.htm and click on
the menu to find the section Compréhension Niveau intérmédiare A2. Find 3 activities
in this section that include a video or other listening practice.
Listen to the texts and read along. Once you have done this, complete the exercises.
Write one paragraph of at least 5 sentences explaining why someone should watch this
video or listen to your selection and what is interesting about it. Make sure to include
the links to your 3 activities.
You should email this to me ([email protected]) so that I can verify that you completed
the exercise.
Go to the site http://www.bonjourdefrance.com/grammaire-francaise/exercicesintermediaire.
Read through the summaries for each section to review before completing the activities.
Complete the following activities and create a set of notes to prove that you did them
(notes, scores from activities, reflection on what you learned. The work you do here
should be at the A2 level or above. You can either print this information or send it to me
in an email ([email protected]) or Google doc:
Grammaire A2: Les expressions du temps
Grammaire A2: Conjugaison (indicatif)
Les futurs
Les pronoms compléments
Conditionnel present
Différence passé composé / imparfait
Voix passive
Choose one French/Francophone film (classic or current) that you have never seen to
watch and complete the film profile to submit in August. If you need ideas, please
contact me.
Use this general format to complete your review. Make sure to include both the
overview and details about the film and your recommendation whether your classmates
should see it or not. It should be at least 1 page long total. Be prepared to discuss this in
class. Submit this either in an email or Google docs. The following is the format you
should use.
Film – Critique
Le titre :
Le metteur en scène :
Le genre du film :
Les personnages principaux et les acteurs/actrices (3 au minimum) :
L’intrigue (8 phrases au minimum) :
Les thèmes (3 au minimum) :
Réaction (5 phrases au minimum) :
If you have any questions, please email me. This assignment is due on the first day of
school. It will count as your first project grade for the semester. Any late assignments
will have points deducted. You can complete all of the activities and print them or
create a dossier on Google docs etc. to submit it electronically.
Bonne Vacances !