EXERCICE : En utlisant les pronoms intérrogatifs, posez les

EXERCICE : En utlisant les pronoms intérrogatifs, posez les questions qui ont permis d’obtenir en
réponse les éléments en italiques. Attention aux verbes à particule, la particule reste avec le verbe dans la
I bought my dictionary at Smith Bookshop.
There was a match last Saturday.
I'm listening to a CD.
He lived in Liverpool for 5 years.
We came on our bicycles
He was in Mexico last week.
He arrived in France in 1968.
We are going to camp in Corsica.
This is John’s car.
10. The neighbours have two children.
11. Jenny gave me this tie.
12. They are going to invite the Robinsons.
13. I'm late because I missed my bus.
14. These glasses are mine.
15. He has lunch at school.
16. He had tea for breakfast because there was no coffee.
17. She bought three records.
18. He is twelve.
19. It cost him $20.
20. It is twelve.
21. He is writing to his English pen-friend.
22. I paid £15 for this dictionary.
23. He understood the film because there were subtitles.
24. The children are looking at a frog.
25. She has a DVD player.
26. I'm looking forward to the Christmas holidays.
27. Our friends are coming on Thursday.
28. John is going to make the tea.
29. He waited for 30 minutes.
30. John is making tea for Julie.
31. I'm looking for my key.
32. They took a taxi because they had a lot of luggage.
33. I walked to the station.
34. He drank a lot of whisky.
35. Peter told us to come early.
36. There were 29 days in February.
37. My friends left me because they didn't went to miss
the beginning of the film.
38. He will go to N.Y. next year.
39. He would love to go to N.Y. next year.
40. He is going to NY. tomorrow