Course Overview for Fr 2 Honors

Course Overview for Fr 3 Standard/French 2 pre IB HL
Lincoln Park High School, 2013-2014
Madame Perrichon-Nguyen
[email protected]
Course methodology
Bienvenue to French 3standard and French 2 advanced! This year you will continue to enrich the oral, written and reading
skills necessary to communicate in French. Through a logical pattern of presentation, practice, review, and reinforcement,
students will develop fluency in intermediate and advanced French grammar and vocabulary. Varied learning activities will
include traditional lessons, power point presentations, creating skits, reading a French novel, analyzing newspaper articles,
games, instructional videos, cultural projects, and writing journal entries.
Course material
- Français B (IB Textbook)
- French for 2 years (workbook)
- French for 3 years (workbook)
- Short stories, newspaper articles, and songs.
Student must bring their workbook, a three ring binder, 8 tabs dividers with paper and pens, two fine tip dry erase
markers. Students also need a French/English dictionary. Students must keep all their notes, tests, quizzes, and
projects throughout the year.
Units of instruction
- Unit 1 8/26-09/27
Les relations personnelles : la famille et les amis
Présent (verbes réguliers and irréguliers), verbes pronominaux, adjectifs, adverbes, l’impératif.
- Unit 2 09/30-10/31
La diversité culturelle, les langues
Passé-composé avec avoir and être, l’imparfait
- Unit 3 11/01-12/13
Les loisirs
Le futur, le conditionnel, si clauses
- Unit 4 12/15-01/23
Les superstitions
Plus-que parfait, passe-simple, adjectifs démonstratifs
- Unit 5 01/27-02/28
La santé : les drogues et leurs effets
Le subjonctif
- Unit 6 03/03-03/27
Les jeunes et le portable
Subjonctif suite, prépositions avec infinitif
- Unit 7 04/01-05/09
Les gestes pour la planète
Le conditionnel passé, faire causatif, le participe présent
- Unit 8 05/12-06/10
La publicité et son influence
Conditionnel passé suite, si clauses
National Foreign Language Standards
Communication: Communicate in languages other than English
Cultures: Gain knowledge and understanding of other cultures
Connections: Connect with other disciplines and acquire information
Comparisons: Develop insight into the nature of language and culture
Communities: Participate in multilingual communities at home and around the world
Grading scale A = 100-90 B = 89-80 C = 79-70 D =69-60 F = 59 and below
Your grade will be determined as follows:
Tests and quizzes: 20%
Written and oral assessments based on proficiency and accuracy.
Final exams: 10%
Comprehensive semester exams in January and June
Homework: 20%
Students will have homework daily, homework must be turn in
daily at the beginning of the class to receive full credit.
Classwork: 20%
Written assignments turned in during class period
Projects: 10%
A variety of written and oral projects will be assigned periodically
Oral participation: 20%
Student participation in French is essential to second language acquisition.
Points can be gained or lost for unexcused tardies/absences, lack of
participation, coming to class unprepared, and not following class and school
Homework and make-up work
Students with an excused absence must hand in missed work and homework when they return to school. French
homework will be posted weekly on the LPHS website: classes/homework; world language department then select
your class. Students must also take any test or quiz missed during an excused absence when they return. No late
homework will be accepted for unexcused absences. Student will receive a zero for all work, test, quiz, presentation
missed while cutting class.
Absences and Tardies
Students must obtain a scanned tardy pass for tardy entry to the classroom. Three tardies lead to after school
detention, excessive tardies lead to Saturday detentions.
Please contact me through the LPHS website or directly at [email protected]
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