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FLE ~ Français Langue Etrangère
Schedule: 3 times/week for 35 minutes.
Modalities: gestures, dramatization, art, music,
reading, writing, visuals, props, technology
Units: 4th Grade
 Les Extraterrestres (an alien visit to school)
 Pizza (food around the world)
 Les Planètes
 Le Temps (weather & poetry)
 La Géographie
 Les Animaux en Danger
 Les T shirts (winter & summer sports)
Units: 5th Grade
 Verbs & Pronouns
 Crictor (reading /writing/story telling)
 Nathalie au Québec (Language learning strategies &
 Au Travail (Professions)
 Pauvre Alphonse (Descriptions & clothing)
 Restaurant (food)
Grade Distribution
 class participation
 quizzes
 projects
Why French??
A Practical Foreign Language
French continues to be influential throughout the world. As a
foreign language it is the second most frequently taught
language in the world after English. It is spoken as an official
language in 33 countries and is the only language other than
English spoken on five continents.
An article by George Weber titled “The World’s 10 most
influential languages” presents a formula for calculating
language influence. The author states that “despite a clear
downward trend relative to English, French remains the world's
second most influential language.” Reference for article:
The main factors that make a
language influential.
The Top Ten languages of the
Learning a Foreign Language
 Foreign language acquisition is a basic life skill set that
children need in order to compete in the global
 Foreign Language study has consistently been shown to
increase students’ performance in other disciplines, such
as math, reading, and language arts.
 Learning more than one language has a profound effect
on the brain: causing structural differences that enhance
mental abilities and improve cognitive skills.
• Brain Research
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