Projet d*unité 1: Une Page Web

Mosaique : Un Profil Personnel
Nom :
La date :
Explain how your feedback from previous written assignments has
helped you improve this assignment (provide specific examples):
You have the option of choosing a person/animal of your choice and creating a
personal profile about them. You may choose to write about yourself, a friend, a
family member, a celebrity, an athlete, a tv/movie/book character, create an alter
ego or another option of your choice.
You can create a blog post, website (, poster, video, prezi,
glogster, tumblir, cartoon using toondoo, facebook/twitter page or another option of
your choice.
*You will record your personal profile on your blog to demonstrate
pronunciation/speaking skills*
Begin with the written component using Microsoft word. Once the writing
portion is complete, you can then begin to put the project together.
Il faut inclure :
Les choses la personne aime (Aimer)
Les choses la personne n’aime pas (N’aime pas)
Le verbe être et les types de personnalités
Les activités la personne joue (Jouer au)
Les activités la personne fait (faire de)
le vocabulaire de l’unité
le verbe avoir
les images
Students are able to:
Write complete sentences in the correct order
Conjugate the verbs avoir, être, ‘er’ and faire correctly
Apply the correct spelling and articles (, du, le, la)
Write sentences in the negative correctly
Incorporate a variety of vocabulary from the unit
Pronounce all words and accents correctly
Create original ideas that are unique, thoughtful, imaginative, eye
catching and stand out