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Past Perfect - Pluperfect

Exercices Past Perfect - Pluperfect
1. Traduisez les phrases suivantes :
a. Je l'avais déjà rencontrée.
b. Elle venait juste de se coucher quand on a sonné.
c. Il a dit qu'il avait oublié son parapluie au restaurant.
2. Lisez les énoncés proposés et utilisez les mots entre parenthèses pour écrire une
a. I went to a concert yesterday night. I arrived late.
(The concert/already/begin.)
b. She was pleased to see her cousin again after such a long time.
(She/not/see/him/for ten years.)
c. He invited Jane to his birthday party but she couldn't come.
(She/already/plan/something else.)
d. We went back to school to meet the teacher but he wasn't there.
e. I offered Peter something to eat but he wasn't hungry.
(He/just/have/a snack.)
3. Mettez le verbe au prétérit ou au pluperfect :
a. The apartment was very calm when we got home, everybody __________ (go) to
b. I felt exhausted when I came home so I __________ (go) straight to bed.
c. She __________ (not/remember) if she __________ (give) him the key to her
house before leaving.
d. They __________ (already/bring up) three boys when their daughter
__________ (be born).
e. We __________ (not/know) them for long when they __________ (move out) of