Asking questions

Asking questions
Open questions - when you want precise information
WH/H = auxiliaire + sujet + verbe + ?
They have a falling intonation
Ex : Who is the the most famous Turk ?
On peut combiner How avec un adjectif ou un adverbe:
Ex: How long is the journey from Paris to Turkey ?
Which implique un choix limité par rapport à what
Complete the following questions
1. ________ ______ medals did Turkey win in the Olympic games?
2. _____ is the prime minister?
3. _________are the two most famous cities in Turkey?
4. ________ is the Sea of Marmara situated?
5. ______ ______ is the highest mountain in Turkey?
6. Constantinople was the old name for ______ city?
7. _______ landed on Mount Ararat with a lot of animals?
8. ________ is the name of the famous train from Paris to Istanbul?
9. __________ did Alexander the Great live? (century)
10. ______ _____ is the first coin in the world?
This should help you to ask your partner questions about the other things you
discovered about Turkey.