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Information about Turkey in English
Turkey, one of the most fascinating and beautiful
countries in the world, is home to a variety of
fascinating and interesting exciting
establishments. Turkey has a population of about
80 million people, with the majority being Muslim,
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Turkey has a rich ecology, with many
native species and wildlife. The country
is home to the Asia Minor humid
subtropical forests, and the Black Sea
coastal steppe
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The Europeans named the Ottoman
Empire ‘Turkey’ to distinguish it from the
nearby European states. Turkey is a
country in Asia. As of 2015, the
population was 79.5 million, making it
the 18th most populous country in the
Président of Turkey's
Turkey's sport
Turkey is a beautiful country. The most popular
sport in Turkey is football, and the country is
one of only four national teams to have
competed in every World Cup contest since
1954. The Turkish national team’s greatest
success was 3rd place at the 2002 FIFA World
Cup. Turkey participated in Euro 2008, which is
their third European Championship
appearance. Turkish athletes have won a total of
31 medals, all at the Olympics (20 gold, seven
silver, four bronze), and 127 Paralympics medals
(47 gold, 37 silver, 43 bronze)