Je retiens … EE - Write a biography of a celebrity

Je retiens … EE - Write a biography of a celebrity
A - Give my impressions
My favorite star is… = I am a great fan of… = I’m really impressed by his/her career and
He/she’s classy/beautiful/amazing/awesome/talented/popular/intelligent/professional
I think / I like him/her because… He/she’s a legend / a rising star
He’s the most compelling / the most talented actor
She’s the coolest / the greatest actress I’ve ever seen !
He’s the best actor ever !
Adjectif au superlative (le plus…)
the most + adjectif long
the + adjectif court + est
B - Time expressions
In 1985
For 2 years
10 years ago
In the 90s
He had already played …, when he … + preterit
8 years later…
From 2010 to 2015
C - Past actions
he grew up in Missouri (grow up)
She was only 19 (be)
She turned into a star = she became (become)
He left for California (leave)
He had been in Los Angeles for 2 years when he got a part…
When he won a prize… (win), he had already acted/ starred in…
Before he became famous, he had played small parts.
> l’action dont le verbe est au PLU PERFECT (had+ participe passé) se situe avant celle au