Devoir 15 Français 2 D`Accord I. Utilisez un verbe -ir ou

Devoir 15 Français 2 D’Accord
I. Utilisez un verbe -ir ou -re avec le suivant.
1. She is gaining weight.
2. They (m) are applauding the play (la pièce).
3. We aren’t returning ces papiers.
4. You (informal) are losing.
5. I’m blushing because I’m wrong.
6. You (formal) are considering le problème.
7. They (f) are getting off du bus.
8. She’s defending me.
9. It (m) is melting.
10. We are establishing un club.
II. Les verbes prendre, comprendre, apprendre
1. They (m) are learning to speak French.
2. We don’t understand her.
3. You (formal) are taking le train.
4. They (f) understand us.
5. You (formal) are learning to write (écrire).
6. They (m) are taking le bus.
7. We’re learning to read.
8. You (formal) don’t understand me.
III. Utilisez être à l’imparfait avec les adjectifs.
1. We were happy.
2. He was bald.
3. She was often sad.
4. They (m) were cowards.
5. I was of medium height.
6. You (informal) were deaf.
7. She was very lively.
8. We were chubby.
9. He was poor, but she was rich.
10. They (f) were so cute. (so = si)
11. We were tired.
12. He was annoying.
13. I was sad.
14. She was mute.
15. You (informal) were blind.
IV. Mettez le suivant au passé composé. (les verbes -er)
1. They spoke to the teacher.
2. We walked to school.
3. She helped her neighbor.
4. We listened to the student.
5. I asked a question.
6. You (informal) took a test.