Devoir 16 Français 2 IV. Mettez le suivant au passé composé. (Past

Devoir 16 Français 2
I. Utilisez être à l’imparfait pour le suivant.
1.They (f) were sad.
2. He was sociable.
3. You (formal) were stupid.
4. She was a big-eater.
5. We were strong.
6. You (informal - f) were ugly.
7. They (m) were annoying.
8. I was young.
9. You (plural) were rich.
II. Traduisez le suivant. Utilisez avoir et être à l’imparfait.
1. I was short and of average weight. I had green eyes and red hair.
2. They (m) were fat and of medium height. They (m) had brown hair and blue eyes.
3. She was tall and skinny. She had dark brown hair and hazel eyes.
III. Traduisez le suivant en utilisant un verbe -ir.
1. We are passing the test.
2. She punishes them.
3. I never obey my father (my = mon)
4. They (m) are applauding the play.
5. French enriches nos vies.
6. Are you (informal) choosing me?
7. She is losing weight.
8. When are you (formal) finishing?
9. He accomplishes much.
10. Why are you (informal) blushing?
IV. Mettez le suivant au passé composé. (Past Tense!)
1. I walked to school.
2. He chose the red car.
3. She handed back des livres.
4. He spoke.
5. You (informal) finished la lettre.
6. They (m) blushed.
7. We answered le prof.
8. She sold la maison.
9. He preferred to go.
10. You (formal) swam