Expanding into the USA - IT

CCIE – 27 novembre 2000
Part 1: (45 minutes) - Jean Rauscher
Les dix clés du succès !
Part 2: (1:45 hour) – Philippe Costes (modérateur)
Bernard Malfroy – Jean Rauscher
Table ronde :
Vos opérations aux U.S.
Le Marketing and Ventes
Le Recrutement
CCIE – 27 novembre 2000
Expanding your business
into the USA
“Give back to others”
Why is it so difficult?
Why is it so difficult?
• Cultural differences of doing business
• Analysts and the stock market influence
day-to-day decisions
• Difficulties in finding good people
• American personal goals are different
• Size of the country
Golden Rule # 1
Immediately start off selling an
innovative product where customer’s
ROI is obvious and can be evaluated
in $$.
Golden Rule # 2
Position your product offering against
your competition to lead customers
towards making their decision.
No competition = No market
Golden Rule # 3
To quickly dominate a niche market,
start off selling one single product.
Golden Rule # 4
Build a list of satisfied and well-known
customer references. Don’t ask for $$;
ask for a strong reference instead.
Golden Rule # 5
Set up your operations close to
prospective customers and a deep
labor pool.
Golden Rule # 6
Launch a RELIABLE version of your
product. Check for adjustment to the
foreign market before you begin
Golden Rule # 7
Recruit a US Manager able to :
Understand the US market
Suggest improvements to the European team
Manage a budget tightly
Build a motivated / faithful team
Stick to your company through difficulties
Golden Rule # 8
Follow a project approach:
• Don’t attempt to sell your product as
an investment for the long term.
• Sell it as an operational benefit for the
current project only.
Golden Rule # 9
Sign alliance agreements to reassure
your future customers.
Golden Rule # 10
Have enough $$ to start up your
operation. Look for backup before
launching a subsidiary.
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Panel and audience discussions on:
Lancer vos opérations U.S.:
•Quelles différences culturelles sont des facteurs de risque dans les affaires
•Comment présenter votre offre de produits?
•Quels sont les premiers obstacles que vous allez rencontrer?
•Que devez-vous sous-traiter?
Le Marketing and les ventes aux U.S.A.:
•Devez-vous vous concentrer sur le marketing ou sur les ventes en premier?
•Faut-il vendre en direct ou à travers des distributeurs?
•Quelles sont les actions marketing les plus efficaces aux U.S.?
•Peut-on vendre au téléphone?
Le plus grand challenge: Recruter aux Etats-Unis
•Comment recruter aux U.S.?
•Faut-il engager un américain ou un Européen pour diriger la filiale?
•Comment payer et garder le patron de votre filiale?
•En cas de problèmes, quels sont les signaux d’alarme ?
CCIE – 27 novembre 2000
Expanding your business
into the USA