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tel: 416.971.9800
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VACANCY/POSTE VACANT: Manager, Program Design, Cancer Screening
STATUS/SITUATION: Permanent Full-Time
No. of VACANCIES/Nombre de POSTES VACANTS: 3 Hires
About us
Cancer Care Ontario (CCO) -- an Ontario government agency -- drives quality and continuous
improvement in disease prevention and screening, the delivery of care and the patient experience, for
cancer, chronic kidney disease and access to care for key health services.
Known for its innovation and results driven approaches, CCO leads multi-year system planning,
contracts for services with hospitals and providers, develops and deploys information systems,
establishes guidelines and standards and tracks performance targets to ensure system-wide
improvements in cancer, chronic kidney disease and access to care.
Our employees are our greatest asset. They bring our vision to life, embody our culture, represent
what we stand for and most importantly, are the face of CCO.
We are committed to creating an environment where you are inspired to do your best work, feel valued
for the work you do, and have an opportunity to make a difference. To enable a culture that fosters a
sense of community where we work together and support each other for a better future, we embody
the following People Values:
We are rooted in integrity
We are driven by accountability
We are empowered by our partnerships
We are unified in our purpose
Our People Values are essentially how we do our work and how we treat each other. As a peoplecentered organization, we are looking for employees who model our values so that together, we can
create the best health systems in the world.
The Cancer Screening Program is part of the Prevention and Cancer Control (P&CC) Portfolio at
Cancer Care Ontario (CCO). P&CC brings together cancer prevention, screening, surveillance and
research into a single organizational entity, while Cancer Screening focuses specifically on the
delivery of Ontario’s three cancer screening programs: ColonCancerCheck (CCC), the Ontario Breast
Screening Program (OBSP), and the Ontario Cervical Screening Program (OCSP). There are four
units that make up Cancer Screening:
 Program Design
Quality Management & Quality Management Partnership
Cancer Screening has developed a Program Design process that includes intake of research and best
practice evidence, solution development, impact analysis and assessment, , proposal approval,
implementation and evaluation. The Program Design process provides Cancer Screening with a
standard approach for moving evidence to action that is led by the Clinical and Scientific leadership.
This includes governance that enables decision making to inform Program Design, Implementation,
Operations and Quality Management.
The Group Manager, Colon Cancer Check(CCC)/GI-Endoscopy Program, Ontario Breast Screening
Program (OBSP), Ontario Cervical Screening (OCSP)/Colposcopy Program will:
 Be the lead for a program area setting the strategic direction and putting evidence into action.
 Achieve consensus between the Clinical, Scientific and Business views, in order to guide
Implementation, Operations and Quality Assurance.
 Design, refine, and expand cancer screening programs based on clinical, scientific, and policy
expertise and joint decision making
 Develop and oversee the execution of a comprehensive road map for each cancer screening
 Lead the development of evidence reviews and information products to inform program design
 Have the clinical and/or science background and expertise to work closely with the Clinical and
Scientific leadership of the Cancer Screening Program to ensure evidence and information is
gathered, analyzed, qualified, prioritized, and recommendations/solutions are developed.
 Ensure the Program Design process is followed to ensure consistency and transparent
decision making for Cancer Screening.
 Conduct impact assessments and analyses of program changes to inform policy and program
 Be the key relationship manager, with the Director, for the Clinical Leads and Scientific Leads,
including providing the Secretariat support to the Clinical Advisory Committees and providing
business support through analytical capacity.
 Work with the Cancer Screening Lead Scientists, to collect and assess new evidence,
information, questions and requests concerning CCO’s established organized screening
 Work with the Clinical Leads to support prioritization of their work, development of screening
guidelines and/or quality standards and draft proposals for approval.
 Work with the Scientific Leads to translate conclusions into briefing notes, presentations and
related information products. Support their write-up, documentation and production of
communication materials.
 Ensures evaluation results become inputs to future screening program changes
The key responsibilities of this position are/Les principales responsabilités de ce poste sont:
 Provides full scope of leadership responsibilities for team resources;
 Accountable for the administration, management, and engagement of resources and key
stakeholders to ensure program activities are executed based on plans and standards, within
specified scope, budget and timelines;
 Oversees the day-to-day activities of the team;
Manages a team of resources, including: setting performance expectations; allocating work;
overseeing and ensuring the quality of outputs; measuring/reporting on performance outcomes;
and performance management;
Identifies improvement opportunities and escalates key issues/risks; proposes and executes
solutions to address challenges or mitigate risks;
Manages relationships and engages select stakeholder groups, either to collaborate on
delivery of key activities or solicit support and buy-in for program activities; organizes and/or
participates in committees as required; key interactions could include internal CCO business
units (leadership and staff) or external stakeholders (e.g., Ministry of Health and Long Term
Care, Regional Cancer Centres, hospitals, clients, advisory committees and other health
Where required, deals with vendors and/or contractors, including negotiating contracts,
managing issues, and ensuring agreements are met;
Focuses on acquiring, developing and retaining talent, effectively leading the team, and
promoting a collaborative and results-oriented team atmosphere with high levels of
engagement and morale;
Upholds the importance of core values and organizational culture;
Ready to roll up your sleeves and get into the details;
Performs cross-functional and/or other duties consistent with the job classification, as assigned
or requested;
 Must be passionate about leadership, organizational health, culture, values, and team
 Must be creative and forward thinking;
 Must be detail-oriented with strong problem solving, critical thinking, and negotiating skills;
 Must be team-oriented, possess a positive attitude, and work well with others;
 Proven ability to develop relationships with key stakeholders to establish trust, credibility, and
 Collaborative management style with the ability to work in a multi-disciplinary team
 Master’s degree in Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Public Health or biomedical sciences required;
 10+ years of overall working experience, including at least 5 recent years focused on
department manager role with similar levels of responsibility preferred;
 A demonstrated track record of research evidence synthesis;
 Prior knowledge of cancer screening is a definite asset;
 Certification in health science, health care administration, information technology, information
management, project management, Lean and/or Six Sigma an asset;
 Demonstrated record of continuous improvement, challenging the status quo, and improving
organizational effectiveness while maintaining the highest level of service;
 Demonstrated exceptional planning and management skills;
 Demonstrated ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously in a hands-on manner, adjusting
to issues as needed in a dynamic work environment. The ability to prioritize and effectively
anticipate and respond to issues as they arise;
 Strong knowledge of Ontario’s Health System preferred;
 Superior ability to analyze and define problems, evaluate alternatives, find solutions, and make
 Excellent presentation, technical writing, facilitation and training skills. Presents complex
concepts clearly and effectively to executive level audiences;
Experience hiring, managing, and leading teams with a strong focus on personal accountability
and attention to results;
Proactive approach to building management skills and competencies in team engagement,
facilitation and empowerment;
Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Project, Visio and Excel preferred.
June 10, 2015
Required Resume Format
If you elect to apply, please prepare a basic, text-based version of your resume to paste into the text
resume application box. Near the end of the application process after clicking on ‘Submit’, you will be
invited to attach up to three separate files to your application. Please ensure one of these attached
files is your formatted resume in either a .doc, .rtf, or .pdf format
About Us:
Les membres de notre personnel sont notre plus grande richesse. Ils concrétisent notre vision,
traduisent notre culture, représentent nos valeurs et, avant tout, constituent le visage de ACO.
Nous nous sommes engagés à mettre sur pied un environnement qui vous porte à travailler de votre
mieux, qui valorise le travail que vous réalisez et qui vous permet d’exceller dans votre domaine. Pour
mettre en place une culture qui favorise un sentiment d’appartenance et nous permet de collaborer et
de nous soutenir mutuellement pour composer un avenir plus radieux, nous énonçons les valeurs
suivantes qui s’incarnent dans notre personnel :
Nous croyons profondément à l’intégrité
Nous sommes régis par nos responsabilités
Nous sommes soutenus par nos partenariats
Nous sommes unis pour atteindre notre objectif
Ces valeurs décrivent essentiellement comment nous travaillons et comment nous collaborons les uns
avec les autres. Comme nous sommes un organisme axé sur la personne, nous recherchons un
personnel qui modélise nos valeurs pour que nous puissions ensemble mettre sur pied les meilleurs
réseaux de santé au monde.
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make their accommodation needs known when contacted.
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À propos de Action Cancer Ontario:
Action Cancer Ontario (ACO) est un organisme du gouvernement de l’Ontario qui cherche à susciter
la qualité et l’amélioration continue touchant la prévention et le dépistage de la maladie, la prestation
des soins et l’expérience des patients atteints d'un cancer, les maladies rénales chroniques et l’accès
aux soins de santé essentiels.
Réputé pour ses innovations et ses approches fondées sur les résultats, ACO assure la planification
pluriannuelle du réseau, établit des contrats de service avec les hôpitaux et les fournisseurs, élabore
et met en œuvre des systèmes d’information, établit des lignes directrices et des normes et assure le
suivi de ses objectifs de rendement pour susciter des améliorations dans l’ensemble du réseau au
plan de la lutte contre le cancer, des maladies rénales chroniques et de l’accès aux soins.
Notre site web est à l’adresse:
Nos activités sont orientées en grande partie par le Plan pour la lutte contre le cancer en Ontario:
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est géré par Action Cancer Ontario, à l’adresse :
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interventions médicales pour l’ensemble de la population de l’Ontario:
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