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Terminale L – Langue vivante obligatoire 1 : Anglais
Année scolaire 2013-2014
Lycée de la Côtière - 01120 LA BOISSE
Académie de Lyon
SPACES AND EXCHANGES: The consumer society
Central question: To what extent can we challenge or escape the consumer culture by changing our
consumption habits?
*Visual documents
Document 1: “shop less live more” / “24 hours detox” / “Keep calm and don’t shop”- Buy Nothing
Day posters
Document 2: “Jesus Christ with shopping bags” / “Show me the Monet” / “Shop until you drop”
(Le candidat a travaillé sur une publicité de son choix) - Banksy
Text 1: Shopping malls transform the geography of shopping – Oct.30TH 2009- Adapted from
VOA news.com
Text 2: How e-commerce is changing people’s shopping habits – Adapted from English on line.
Text 3: Trampled to Death – Nov.29th 2008 – www.guardian.co.uk
Text 4: I have to have it – an extract from Sophie Kinsella’s Confessions of a shopaholic, 2000.
Text 5: Freegans make feast for free – Lecia Bushak, Newsweek, April 14th 2010
Text 6: Back to a cashless society – Haley Shapley- Sharing borrowing and bartering go high-
tech, Feb. 5th 2012.
*Audio Documents
Document 1: Buy Nothing Day – Podcastinenglish.com
Document 2: Freegans – Podcaz bac /ac-reunion.fr
Document 1: Retail stores of the future – YouTube, Aug.2012 – Your BusinessChannel
Document 2: Buy Nothing Day ads: “the receipt-say bye bye buy” / “BND pig” / “ BND cowboys”
(Le candidat a travaillé sur une publicité de son choix)
BND webquest
Jean-Louis Mouleyre, proviseur
Florence Duperray, professeur d’anglais