A Fast Food Nation

A Fast Food Nation
America is truly turning into a fast food nation, echoing the title of a
current best-selling book. People are inundated with1work, family obligations,
sport and other activities. They often prefer having a quick meal at Mc Donald’s,
Burger King, Wendy’s or KFC. The food tastes good. It’s cheap, it’s fast.
In 2000, Americans spent more than $ 110 billion on fast food. Mc
Donald’s now provide nearly 90 percent of the country’s new jobs, and operates2
28,000 restaurants nationwide. It is the largest purchaser of beef, pork and
Tom Majestic wrote in a recent article about the health risks of a fast
food nation. The American society is highly automated. Everywhere people go,
they are greeted by automated doors, elevators and enclosed parking ramps two
feet from the buildings. The message they get is that exercise and health are
not valued.
“People don’t have time anymore”, said Christine (student). “They’re all in a
hurry so they eat fast food. Then they go to the office and sit all day.”
As a result, 68 percent of adults and 13 percent of children are
overweight. This is not the only consequence. The “Mc Restaurant” attitude of
Americans is spreading3 through Europe an Asia. In the process of creating all
this food, the employees at meat-processing plants are some of the most
underpaid and badly treated in the country, paying the price for a fast food
There is a lot more under that Big Mac wrapper4 than just a hamburger.
By Claire Shefchik, Poney Express
(School Magazine Stillwater Area High), March 2002
Be inundated with : être submergé de
operate : gérer
spread : (ici) s’étendre
a wrapper : un emballage
1. Répondez en français aux questions suivantes, en utilisant
les informations contenues dans le texte. Rédigez des
phrases complètes.
a) Quel est le titre du livre qui a inspiré cet article ? (1pt)
b) Pour quelles raisons les Américain préfèrent-ils la restauration
rapide ? (1,5 pt)
c) Combien les Américains dépensent-ils en restauration rapide ?
d) Quelles autres facilités permettent aux Américains de limiter
leurs efforts partout où ils se rendent ? (1,5 pt)
e) Quelle est la conséquence majeure des ces habitudes sur la
santé des Américains ? (1pt)
2. Traduisez en français de « Mc Donald’s now provides nearly
90 percent… » à « …beef pork and potatoes » dans le 2ème
paragraphe. (2pts)
3. Vous vous adressez à des amis américains qui souhaitent
perdre du poids. A partir des énoncés suivants, rédigez 4
ordres ou conseils différents à la forme négative ou
affirmative. (4pts)
They often eat fast food.
They don’t like eating fruit and vegetables.
They prefer taking elevators to walking.
They drink soda all day long.
4. Recopiez les énoncés suivants en mettant le verbe entre
parenthèse au temps qui convient. (4pts)
a) If Claire (eat) less fast food, she will lose weight.
b) If she lived in another country, she (walk) more.
c) When I (go) to America, I (eat) at Mc Donald’s
d) As soon as I come back to France, I (be) in a diet.
5. Expression Ecrite. (4pts)
What will you do if you win at the national lottery?
About 40 words