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CNC 2015-sample answers

2015 CNC
Sample Answers
Words used in summarizing
The text underscores/highlights
The author states that, declares, affirms
The author suggests
The author believes that
The author raises the issue of
Unlike the author’s generation, which enjoyed an intrinsic interest
in social action, young people today demonstrate unequivocal
neglect of this essential aspect in every dynamic society. To
retrigger the community spirit, the writer underscores the vital
role that education can play to ensure a long-lasting
engagement in community work through tangible social activities
organized by the school. These activities can definitely make a
difference in the community as well as on the youth’s academic
Essay Writing
Should adults blame youth for their social misconduct?
Body P.2
Body P.1
You can discuss why young people tend to misbehave and why adults have an inclination to interfere and try to change
Body P.1
You can shed some light on the tension that characterizes the relationship between adults and young people.
Why should/should not adults blame young people for their misconduct?
Body P.2
You can suggest ways that adults can follow to fix youth’s misconduct without blaming them
Or ways to make young people take care of themselves
Or just leave them alone
Sum you ideas up
Rephrase your thesis statement (whether you agree or disagree)
C’est comme une révolution silencieuse: depuis le début des
années 90, des dizaines de millions d’habitants des pays
industrialisés commencent peu à peu à vivre différemment,
à changer de valeurs
It is like a silent/quiet revolution: since the beginning
of the 90s, tens of millions of inhabitants/residents of
industrialized countries have gradually started to live
differently, and to adopt diffeent values.
Londres est l’une des rares capitales européennes à
connaître une croissance qui dépasse celle des autres
grandes villes
London is one of the rare European capitals that have
witnessed a growth that exceeds that of other big/large cities.
Il aurait été impossible au PDG d’éviter les trois journalistes.
président-directeur général
It would have been impossible for the CEO to avoid the
three journalists.
chief executive officer
It appears globalizing information is something western
societies favour, but people at the other end of the planet
may not be interested in the same topics.
Il semble que la mondialisation de l’information est
favorable pour les sociétés occidentales, mais les gens à
l'autre bout du monde peuvent ne pas être intéressés par les
mêmes sujets.
However the spread of information may be, this does not
improve information among people.
Quel que soit la diffusion de l’information, la qualité de
l’information ne s’améliore pas parmi les gens.
Today, global citizens are constantly hungry for news in
order to understand the world around them.
Aujourd'hui, les citoyens du planéte sont constamment
avides d’informations/de nouvelles pour comprendre
le monde qui l’entoure.
Commenting on the
“it was intrinsic (intrènsique) within society”
local community work: what is it?
Used to be
Expected, common, part of every day life
Consider one of the following:
• Contextualize the quote
• What does it make you think of ?
• Do you agree or disagree and why?
• How does this relate to the theme of the class or class
• Any reflections?
• Is it surprising and why or why not?
Many people claim that voluntary work is no longer an integral part of
today’s communities as it was in the past. Community work “was intrinsic
within society,” the author said. Indeed communities are no longer
attached as they used to be because the Media in its multiple forms have
created a breach within them. However, there are novel forms of
volunteering that cross the limited boundaries of small communities; thus
the concept of community itself has changed.