Posters at a Glance

Learning from Each Other:
Across Disciplines, Jurisdictions and Generations
Posters at a Glance
Annual CAHSPR Conference
May 26 – 28, 2015 • Pre–Conference Day: May 25, 2015
Hotel Bonaventure (formerly Hilton Bonaventure) • Montreal, QC
Poster Presentations: Tuesday, May 26, 2015
Assessing Health System Value in Upstream Health Interventions: A Case Study of Cardiac Rehabilitation and
Presented by Caroline Beck
A Systematic Review of Primary Care Interventions to Improve Transition of Youth with Chronic Conditions from
Paediatric to Adult Healthcare
Presented by Jasmin Bhawra
Trends in Income-Related Health Inequalities in Canada: Alcohol-Attributable Hospitalizations
Presented by Christine Boyes
Implementing a New School-Based Occupational Therapy Service Delivery Model: What Do Stakeholders Say About
Access, Service Quality, and Sustainability?
Presented by Chantal Camden
Le raisonnement clinique des ergothérapeutes en Soutien à domicile : importance des aspects administratifs et
organisationnels dans le choix des interventions offertes aux clients
Presented by Annie Carrier
Optimiser la performance des ergothérapeutes dans les programmes de soutien à domicile québécois : impacts sur le
raisonnement clinique et les interventions offertes
Presented by Annie Carrier
The Effects of a Preoperative Educational Dvd on Parental Participation in Recovery Room: A Randomized Controlled
Presented by Julie Chartrand
Geriatric Syndromes Predict Postdischarge Outcomes Among Older Emergency Department Patients: Findings from a
Multinational Cohort Study
Presented by Andrew Costa
A Resilient Nursing Workforce: The Impact of Policy Over Time
Presented by Mary Crea
A Comparison Between Initial and Well Established Implementation Periods of the Ontario Medscheck Annual
Pharmacy Medication Review Service
Presented by Lisa Dolovich
Examining Interventions to Address the Transition Gap: A Systematic Review of Youth to Adult Mental Health
Presented by Mark Embrett
Meeting the Health Service Needs of Urban Aboriginal Women for Co-occurring Diabetes, Mental Health and
Addiction Issues
Presented by Hasu Ghosh
Comprehensive Primary Care Physicians: Who Are They and Whom Do They Serve?
Presented by Rick Glazier
Poster Presentations: Tuesday, May 26, 2015 (Continued)
Perspectives en matière de soins de santé selon le public et les fournisseurs et gestionnaires des soins de santé :
résultats du sondage sur les soins de santé au Canada 2014
Presented by Amédé Gogovor
Understanding Variations in Health System Efficiency in Canada: A Descriptive Multiple Case Study
Presented by Sara Guilcher
The Patient Medical Home: How do Canadian Primary Care Practices Measure Up to its Ten Goals?
Presented by Nicole Herpai
Changing the Service Delivery Model to Meet Rehabilitation Needs of Young Children (0-3 years): Impact on Service
Wait-Times and Staff Perceived Performance
Presented by Karen Hurtubise
A New Service Delivery Model to Improve Access to Orthopedic Surveillance for Children with Cerebral Palsy (CP)
Presented by Karen Hurtubise
Perceived Need, Service Use and Unmet Need for Health Services Amongst a Sample of Socially Marginalized People
Who Use Drugs
Presented by Elaine Hyshka
Human Development Focusing on Access to Health Care of South Asian Immigrants Living in the Greater Toronto Area
Presented by S. M. Tariqul Islam Islam
The Role of Education in Colorectal Cancer Screening Participation: Evidence from Canadian Community Health
Survey (2011-2012)
Presented by Shan Jiang
A How-To Guide for Planning Hospital-to-Home Care Transition Interventions in Older Adults: Findings and
Implications of a Realist Synthesis
Presented by Anum Khan
Patterns of Care: Identifying and Describing Pathways During Episodes of Care for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary
Disease Exacerbations
Presented by John Paul Kuwornu
Engaging Patients on Social Media Platforms: Exploring Health and Information Exchange Processes
Presented by Claudia Lai
Where’s the 911 for First Nation Peoples Mental Health Services in Manitoba?
Presented by Josée G Lavoie
Creating Partnerships for Change: A Proposal to Study Multi-stakeholder Collaboration Towards Organizational
Innovations to Promote Access to Primary Health Care for Vulnerable Populations
Presented by Ekaterina (Katya) Loban
Learning from Each Other to Promote the Health of Older Stroke Survivors Through an Integrated Community-Based
Stroke Rehabilitation Team Supported by a Mobile Health Solution
Presented by Nancy Matthew-Maich
Poster Presentations: Tuesday, May 26, 2015 (Continued)
Monitoring Drug developments: A Multifaceted Approach
Presented by Greg McComb
Understanding the Health Service Use of Colorectal Cancer Screening among First Nations: Describing the Unfolding of
a Project
Presented by Bonnie McIntosh
Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of a Two-Dose HPV Vaccine Using the CRMM-HPVMM Microsimulation Model
Presented by Saima Memon
Primary Care Provider Perceptions of the Challenges of Managing Patients with Mental-Physical Multimorbidity: A
Qualitative Study
Presented by Matthew Menear
Measuring Triple Aim Results for a Suburban-rural Population by an Alberta Primary Care Network
Presented by Grace Moe
A Survey Tool to Assess Long Term Care Resident Experience
Presented by Shailesh Nadkarni
Methods to Define Hypertension in Electronic Medical Record-Validation Against National Survey Data
Presented by Mingkai Peng
Drug Use Among Seniors on Public Drug Programs in Canada, 2012
Presented by Jeff Proulx
Cost-Utility Analysis of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring for Asparaginase in Pediatric Leukemia
Presented by Meera Rayar
Mortality Belief, Individual Health Shocks and the Decision to Smoke
Presented by Yan Song
Integrating Health Technology Reassessment into a Complex Healthcare System: Diverse Perspectives from
Stakeholders in Alberta Health Services
Presented by Lesley Soril
Predictors of Hospital Discharge to Continuing Care: Exploring the Role of Kidney Function
Presented by Helen Tam-Tham
Physicians Reaching Out: Supporting Youth Mental Health in British Columbia
Presented by Helen Thi
A Study of Low Acuity Emergency Department Use in Regina, Saskatchewan: Incidence, Implications and Intervention
Presented by Tara Todd
Mapping TB Treatment Availability for Refugees and Migrants in Tak Province, Thailand
Presented by Naomi Tschirhart
Inequality by Race/Ethnicity in Survival Improvement of Children with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in the United
States and Canada
Presented by Linwei Wang
Poster Presentations: Wednesday, May 27, 2015
A Collaborative Approach to Designing Better Care
Presented by Heidi Amernic
Knowledge and Effects of the WHO Global Code of Practice on the International Recruitment of Health Personnel on
Health Worker Migration
Presented by Ivy Lynn Bourgeault
Different Patterns of Advanced Access Implemented in Primary Healthcare Practice
Presented by Mylaine Breton
Effects of Family Medicine Groups on Visits to the Emergency Department Among Diabetics in Quebec Between 2000
and 2011: A Population-Based Segmented Regression Analysis of an Interrupted Time Series
Presented by Renee Carter
A Rapid Scoping Review Update for Non-Clinical Interventions for Reducing Unnecessary Caesarean Section
Presented by Innie Chen
The CHOICE Project: Engaging Older Adults in Healthcare Decision-Making
Presented by Jacobi Elliott
Development and Validation of a Decision Aid for Choosing Among Anticoagulants for Atrial Fibrillation
Presented by Safoora Fatima
Provider Perspectives on Facilitators and Barriers to Accessible Service Provision for Immigrant Women with
Postpartum Depression (PPD)
Presented by Rebecca Ganann
Bonus Payments for Avoiding Outside Use in Ontario’s Leading Primary Care Capitation Model
Presented by Rick Glazier
Planning for Change In Health Care Reform: The Case of Alberta
Presented by Howard Greenwald
Family Physicians’ Interactions with Sales Representatives: A Focus Group Study in Three Countries
Presented by Line Guénette
A Comparison of Regulatory Policies Governing the Promotion of Prescription Medicines by Pharmaceutical Sales
Representatives in Canada, France and the United States
Presented by Line Guénette
Gender Differences in Primary Care Clinical Activity and Uptake Of Incentive Payments in British Columbia: A
Preliminary Analysis
Presented by Lindsay Hedden
Obesity Predicts Differential Rates of Coronary Revascularization Following Cardiac Catheterization
Presented by Jeffrey Johnson
Understanding the Multiple Vulnerabilities and Service Utilization of Homeless Youth: Findings from At Home/Chez
Presented by Nicole Kozloff
Poster Presentations: Wednesday, May 27, 2015 (Continued)
Scaling Up iKT? Adapting Integrated KT Strategies to a Large Multi-Jurisdictional Network
Presented by Sara Kreindler
Laying the Foundations for Multi-Jurisdictional Research: Structural and Population Features of Western Canada's
Urban Health Regions and Zones
Presented by Sara Kreindler
What Happens When Young and Mid-Life Adults Leave Complex Continuing Care? Patterns of Subsequent Health
System Use and Survival
Presented by Kerry Kuluski
Costs of Mental Health Care Services among High Cost Users in Ontario
Presented by Paul Kurdyak
Costs of Health Care across Primary Care Models in Ontario
Presented by Maude Laberge
Effects of Housing First on Employment and Income of Homeless Individuals: Results of a Randomized Trial
Presented by Eric Latimer
The Intersection of Gambling and Substance Use Among Men Facing Homelessness
Presented by Eric Latimer
Abuse in Childhood Substantially Increases the Risk of Later Depression and Anxiety: A Systematic Review of Cohort
Presented by Muzi Li
Change in Quality of Care Associated with Centralization of Elective Orthopedic Surgery Procedures: A scoping review
Presented by Elena Lopatina
“How Appropriate is All this Data Sharing Anyway?”: Building Consensus on Electronic Health Information Exchange in
Extended Circles Of Care
Presented by Josephine McMurray
Engaging Older Adults in Healthcare Research and Planning: Guidelines from the CHOICE Project
Presented by Heather McNeil
Do Economic Fluctuations Affect the Health Behaviours of Canadians?
Presented by Sandra Milicic
Caring is Sharing: Provider Perceptions of Secondary Use of Anonymized Health Information
Presented by Ester Moher
Healthcare Associated Infections, Infection Prevention & Control: Patient Safety Survey
Presented by Emily Nadolny
Cost-Effectiveness Analysis Comparing Pre-Diagnosis Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)-Targeted Intervention With
Ontario's Autism Intervention Program
Presented by Melanie Penner
Community General Paediatricians’ Barriers to Providing ASD Diagnoses: A Qualitative Study
Presented by Melanie Penner
Poster Presentations: Wednesday, May 27, 2015 (Continued)
Impact of Dementia on Diabetes Care Quality in Ontario
Presented by Yelena Petrosyan
The Impact of Quebec Primary Healthcare (PHC) Reform on Patients’ Experience Of Care, Unmet Needs and Use of
Presented by Raynald Pineault
Episodic Caregiving - The Caregiving Sister That Policy Forgot
Presented by Wendy Porch
Do British Columbians with Major Depression Receive Minimally Adequate Care?
Presented by Joseph Puyat
Design, Implementation and Evaluation of Complex Health Care Interventions in the Community
Presented by Valeria Rac
Structure and Function of Stroke Units in Ontario in 2013-2014
Presented by Valeria Rac
Potentially Avoidable Emergency Department Visits Made by Nursing Home Residents: Refining Current Definitions
Presented by Nadia Reider
The Many Meanings of Patient Engagement: A Unified Framework
Presented by Vidhi Thakkar
Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Preimplantation Genetic Screening in In Vitro Fertilization
Presented by Daniel Wagner
Administrative Data and Life Course Epidemiology
Presented by Elizabeth Wall-Wieler
Examining the Influence of Organisational and Institutional Arrangements on Priority-Setting for Health Technology
Assessment (HTA): A Mixed Methods Study
Presented by Juliana Yi
Poster Presentations: Thursday, May 28, 2015
Les patients ressources, acteurs incontournables dans l’amélioration des soins aux patients ayant vécu une
amputation traumatique du membre supérieur
Presented by Josée Arsenault
Participatory Health Councils and Good Governance: Healthy Democracy in Brazil?
Presented by Uttam Bajwa
Quality Indicators for End-of-Life Care in Ontario
Presented by Symron BansalGuidelines for the REporting of studies Conducted using Observational
Routinely-Collected Health Data (RECORD): An Extension of The STROBE Reporting Guidelines
Presented by Eric Benchimol
Identifying Quality Indicators for Palliative and End-of-life Care from Administrative Data
Presented by Suman Budhwani
Introducing an Interprofessional Team for the Management of Stable Rheumatoid Disease to Improve Access to Care
Presented by Paola Charland
A Novel Method for Systematic Evaluation of Health Indicators: Perspectives from a Measures Producer
Presented by Zeerak Chaudhary
Rethinking Traditional Models of Care: Mobile Primary Care in the North
Presented by Deborah Cohen
Health Economic Analysis of Genomic-Informed Approaches for Lymphoid Cancer Management – A Multifaceted
Presented by Sarah Costa
Influence of Electronic Medical Record Implementation on Provider Retirement at a Major Academic Medical Center
Presented by Matthew Crowson
Capturing Activities Performed by Pharmacists in Primary Care Interprofessional Teams in Ontario (FHTs)
Presented by Simone Dahrouge
New Developments in the Policy Context of Migration of Health Professionals from Kenya
Presented by Brenda Dogbey
Health Services Utilization and Costs Associated with Co-Morbidity in Older Adults with Diabetes
Presented by Kathryn Fisher
Psychiatric Medications Prescribed for Adolescents and Young Adults in Western Canada
Presented by Jacqueline Gregory
Laying the Foundation for Primary Care Performance Measurement: Lessons from Ontario
Presented by Wissam Haj-Ali
An Examination of Perceived Healthcare Accessibility and Unmet Healthcare Need Among the City of Toronto
Presented by Jongnam Hwang
Inequalities in Early Child Development in Canada
Presented by Geoff Hynes
Poster Presentations: Thursday, May 28, 2015 (Continued)
Adoption of Evidence-Based Practices by Health Care Organizations: A Scoping Literature Review
Presented by Jennifer Innis
Applying the Children with Special Health Care Needs (CSHCN) Screener to Administrative Health Data
Presented by Dafna Kohen
Health Systems and Other Factors Maternity Care Providers Consider When Counselling Pregnant Women with a
Previous Cesarean Section on Delivery Method
Presented by Christine Kurtz Landy
Analyse comparative de caractéristiques de la pratique des médecins de famille dans les cliniques médicales, en
fonction du type de région de pratique
Presented by Marc Lemire
Analyse comparative entre les nouveaux et les anciens modèles de clinique médicale : ressources et production des
Presented by Marc Lemire
Clinical Preventive Services in Primary Care Settings: A Substudy Using Data from the Quality and Cost of Primary Care
(QUALICOPC) Cross-Sectional Study
Presented by Gregory Leon
Community Pharmacy Response to a New Provincial Drug Plan Reimbursement Policy
Presented by Linda MacKeigan
A Cross-Provincial Comparison of the Policy Context of Community-based Primary Healthcare Innovations Intended to
Influence Performance: Preliminary Results of a Document Review
Presented by Ruth Martin-Misener
Patient Experience with Self-Care Support for Chronic Physical Conditions and Depression: Results of a Randomized
Presented by Jane McCusker
Real-World Cost Effectiveness of Stroke Units in Ontario: A Matched Cohort Analysis
Presented by Petros Pechlivanoglou
Typologie de l’affiliation à un médecin de famille, une mesure construite à partir des banques de données
Presented by Sylvie Provost
Facteurs associés au fait d’avoir ou non un médecin de famille
Presented by Sylvie Provost
Vulnérabilité périnatale et retombées d’un programme de soutien à domicile : regard sur les relevailles (1/2)
Presented by Genevieve Roch
Using Natural Language Processing for Detecting Adverse Events from Electronic Health Record Data: A Validation
Presented by Christian Rochefort
The Process of Communicating Policymaking and Research-Based Evidence for Children with Disabilities
Presented by Keiko Shikako-Thomas
Poster Presentations: Thursday, May 28, 2015 (Continued)
The Effect of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Implementation on Communication Between Pharmacists and
Presented by Alexander Singer
Building BRIDGES, Crossing Boundaries: Collaborative Approaches to Learning from Each Other Across Disciplines,
Jurisdictions and Generations
Presented by Heather Smith Fowler
L’évolution des urgences au cours des dix dernières années au Québec
Presented by Olivier Sossa
Managing Complexity in Primary Health Care: Developing and Piloting a Person-Centred Mobile Application for
Patients with Complex Chronic Disease and Disability
Presented by Carolyn Steele Gray
Aider les patients à retourner au travail après une dépression lorsqu’on est médecin de famille : une pratique sous
Presented by Chantal Sylvain
Hospitalizations and Mortality in Publicly Funded For-Profit and Not-For-Profit Long-Term Care Facilities: A
Population-Based Retrospective Cohort Study
Presented by Peter Tanuseputro
Developing Drug Prescribing Profiles for Family Physicians Using Electronic Medical Record Data
Presented by Nirupa Varatharasan
Generic Atorvastatin: The Impact of Physician Detailing and Sampling in Manitoba
Presented by Heather Worthington
Higher Cesarean Delivery Rates are Associated with Higher Infant Mortality Rates in Industrialized Countries
Presented by Shi Wu Wen
Le ‘benchmarking’ au sein des organisations de réadaptation: l’utilisation d’indicateurs de performance et les facteurs
Presented by Diana Zidarov
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