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Function of SMP in case of Hair loss-converted

Function of SMP in case of Hair loss
The purpose of SMP is not to create hair-like lines like the eyebrows of micro blades, but to
reproduce the appearance of shadows on the scalp using small layered dots of different shades of
black. This style, called stippling, is done to create a natural-looking depth and definition.
A specialized SMP technician will make the points look like natural hair follicles and work to
blend seamlessly with the skin tone and existing hair.
This process is useful for people who are experiencing all forms of hair loss. This includes:
Thinning hair
Hair transplant scars
Is the SMP procedure painful? How about the process?
Prior to the procedure, the SMP may advise the client to apply numbing cream half hour before
the treatment, but this is optional. Most of our clients do not require it. However, the degree of
discomfort is highly dependent on tolerance to pain. Facial micro pigmentation is also done in
this process.
If you have acne on sensitive skin such as the scalp or psoriasis, it is difficult to apply the
pigment to the inflamed area, so do not get SMP during relapse or relapse.
After completing the research and looking for a responsible and trained SMP artist (more on how
to do this below), you'll probably get the first inquiry. During this meeting, our SMP technician
will advised you on the treatment, costs, and aftercare.
For example, the general guidelines are:
If you shower regularly, you should not wash or wet your scalp (including excessive sweating)
four days after each appointment.
Each treatment usually lasts 1.5 to 2 hours.
The number of treatments is 3 with an optional 4th session if required, each spaced out over 1 to
2 weeks. 3 to 4 treatments are advised for long-term retention, even if it applies only to a small
area such as the beak of a widow.
Treatment is scheduled every few weeks.
During the 1 or 2 weeks between treatments, it is advisable not to swim, use the steam room or
sauna, or take a hot shower to cause a steam.
Do not expose your scalp to the sun for the first four days (you can wear a hat). On the 5th day
after the treatment, the skin can be exposed to the sun for 1 hour, or 45 minutes for very fair skin.
However, keep in mind that less exposure to sunlight in improves long-term retention of the
scalp micropigmentation.
After the final treatment, the following are recommeded:
Avoid swimming, saunas, and steam rooms for 28 days after the final treatment.
Avoid sunlight for 28 days after treatment. Then wear SPF 30-50 sunscreen on your scalp
if going outdoors.
Avoid strenuous exercise for five days after the final treatment.
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