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Everything you need to know about cleanrooms

Everything you need to know about
A cleanroom is a part or series of parts where the concentration of particle is controlled in
order to minimize the introduction, generation, retention of particles. Parameters such as
temperature, humidity and relative pressure are also kept at a precise level.
A Clean Room Rental Murieta is used in areas sensitive to environmental contamination. It is
used in the manufacture of semiconductor devices, biotechnology and other areas of biology,
the food industry, generally in slicing rooms, or bacteriology. These rooms are also used in the
context of medical research for the manufacture of radio elements for example.
In these fields, the objects and substances handled have sizes of the order of a micrometer or
nanometer and the particles present in the unpurified air can be much larger and be fixed
thereon. On the other hand, the chemical or bacteriological experiments carried out can be
dangerous for humans or the environment. This work is likely to be sensitive to variations in
pressure, temperature, humidity or radioactive material in the case of the manufacture of
isotopes. The lighting can also be Controlled environment for operations sensitive to ultraviolet
rays such as photolithography, for optics. Nuclear ventilation and radiation protection
requirements may also be imposed in these spaces.
The air entering the clean room can be filtered according to different levels of size of
undesirable elements says contract manufaacturer; dust, up to thirty times the size of a human
cell. The filters used are from the family of high efficiency air filters. To limit clogging of the
filters prematurely, the air taken up at the lowest point in the room, is filtered again in an air
handling unit (AHU). Then returned to the room, the mostly from above. This flow of
recirculated air from top to bottom renews the total volume of air in the room up to 60 times
per hour (hourly circulation rate). Finally, 2 rejected by the scientists working in the room and
to compensate for the door openings. Around 30% of fresh air is added every hour ( hourly
renewal rate ), filtered using a process similar to recycling. In some areas, the air is completely
We must then differentiate two main types of rooms:
the rooms with positive pressure relative to the atmospheric pressure to prevent
various contaminants (dust, bacteria ...) can enter. These are found mainly in the
pharmaceutical and electronics industry;
the rooms in depression with respect to atmospheric pressure to prevent various
contaminants ( viruses , bacteria , spores , ...). They cannot escape in that case the
extracted stale air passes through an air filter high efficiency or even a very low
penetration filter (ULPA) before being evacuated to the outside.
Entry and exit are via one or more airlocks, sometimes fitted with an air or water shower, and
changing rooms. Indeed, the human body produces a significant amount of contaminating
products such as body hair, hair, dead skin cells ... This is why operators who operate in the
clean room must be dressed in more equipment. Or less important according to the degree of
contamination and dusting tolerated. The equipment may include a coverall, a hair cover (cap),
gloves, slippers, a mask, specific underwear, or even a full-face suit.
The tools used inside are chosen to produce as few particles as possible.
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