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The work of the Merchant Navy

The work of the Merchant Navy
To get a merchant navy job after 1oth qualification, you should fill the Merchant Navy After 10th
Application Form. This will be very good for you. And it will help you to make your career better.
1- Scope of application:
The work in the Top Merchant Navy Colleges In India exclusively covers so-called "fleet personnel"
recruited personnel who provide their services on board merchant ships. Consequently, the work of
construction and repair yards, work on fishing vessels, drilling rigs and port work are left out.
2- Minimum age:
The minimum age required for seafarers is 16 years at Institute Marine Engineering Rajasthan. The
admission to work of minors under the age of sixteen. However, minors under the age of 18 cannot
carry out night work or activities declared unhealthy, harmful or dangerous, both for health and for
professional and human training. They also cannot perform overtime. For the performance of certain
professions such as captains, machinists and officers, the minimum age must be over sixteenyears.
3- Professional qualification:
Seafarers have always been required for safety reasons, the degree and the certificate of competence to
fill Navy Online Application Form. No one can be shipped without proving the entry conditions or the
requirements for boarding.
Professional competence is required of all crew members and for all types of boat.
In effect, for the skipper or captain and for the officers of major ships, it is required to be in possession
of the corresponding university degree; and for accredited sailors, in addition to basic training and the
certificate of competence.
It is necessary to prove the professional experience by means of minimum days at sea, that is to say, for
certain work at sea, a minimum number of days of navigation on board merchant ships is necessary.
4- Medical requirements and physical aptitudes:
Seafarers must undergo a medical examination, and no crew member may be admitted on board if he
does not present the medical certificate attached to the maritime registration card before enrolling the
Merchant Navy Online Application Form.
The medical certificate generally expires 2 years after its issuance. Failure to comply with the renewal of
the certificate constitutes an absence from work that may cause dismissal.
5- The registration booklet:
Obtaining the maritime registration card is a mandatory requirement to register for Colleges For
Merchant Navy In Jaipur.
This is a crew member identification document where everything related to their maritime professional
life is noted: name, date and place of birth, training and qualifications, specialties, professional
experience, routes and dates of embarkation and disembarkation, medical certificates and history health,
social security affiliation number, additions and cancellations, awards and promotions, disciplinary and
criminal sanctions. The booklet of Institute Merchant Navy Rajasthan must be in the hands of the owner,
notwithstanding that when boarding it must be delivered to the captain, who after making the
corresponding notes, will return it to the interested party.
6- Trial period:
A trial period may be established in writing, subject to the limits of duration established in the collective
agreements. In the absence of an agreement, it may not exceed 6 months for qualified technicians and
two months for other workers. During the trial period, the worker will have the same rights as a staff
worker, except to terminate the shipping contract.
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