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Career of Merchant Marine engineering courses in India

Career of Merchant Marine engineering
courses in India
The career of Merchant Marine Engineering Courses In India, plans to become the main maritime
training center in the country, with adequate professionals to cover the national and international
maritime industry, in accordance with the guidelines, knowledge and skills required by the International
Maritime Organization (IMO), and based on the national legal system, with the purpose of contributing
to the efficiency of the operation and maintenance of ships, ports, terminals, institutions, companies or
related corporations.
The objective of the Merchant Navy Courses After 12th is to train a professional Merchant Marine
Engineer who is capable of developing critical thinking through argumentation and exposition of ideas,
who relates to his environment, understanding the importance of assuming social responsibility. On the
other hand, in their area of performance they will be given the necessary tools for the management of
the maritime industry, the solution of problems and the distribution of resources for the safety of
people, care for the environment and property in public areas or private.
Graduate profile mention Cover:
The Engineer (a) in Merchant Marine covered mention of the Marine Institute In India develops his
professional activity based on the institutional values of excellence, integrity, respect, responsibility and
pluralism. Their training contemplates the development of a set of skills that allows them to achieve the
results of general training learning, defined as the educational seal of the institution.
The hallmark of the UNAB Covered Merchant Marine Engineering career is to prepare Merchant Navy
Courses After 10th with a solid theoretical-practical training in areas such as: basic and applied sciences,
administration, national and international maritime legislation; integrated management systems quality, safety, and environment -, disciplinary knowledge for the operation of equipment and high-tech
systems in merchant ships. His professional work is based on the values of honesty, fulfillment of duty,
leadership and teamwork that allow him to perform efficiently in a globalized world.
As a Bachelor of Engineering in Merchant Navy Colleges, he is able to apply the principles of the basic
sciences and engineering in the development of projects and problem solving, making use of the
knowledge and techniques of his specialty. Likewise, it is capable of managing, administering,
formulating and evaluating engineering projects, using economic-financial concepts, considering the
risks, norms and standards in force.
As a Covered Merchant Marine Engineer, you will have training in accordance with national and
international standards set by the National Maritime Authority and the International Maritime
Organization. Then he will be able to fill the Merchant Navy Forms. It will be able to perform operational
functions dedicated to the transport of cargo and passengers, in turn, assume responsibilities, its
administration and operations in the shipping industry in public or private companies. Furthermore, he
understands and values the ethical aspects of his profession and respect for the environment in the
different activities he participates in.
The Marine Engineering Colleges in Merchant Marine with a mention of Cover contributes to the
economic development of the country, through the activities of the shipping business. His training
allows him to face and adapt to a world in permanent transformation and to join interdisciplinary work
groups in public or private institutions.
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