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Why Merchant Marine Jobs is a good career option in India

Why Merchant Marine Jobs is a good career
option in India
Merchant ships differ from the Indian Navy because they are non-combat merchant ships.
The ship can be intended for cargo and passengers, but mainly for the first. Therefore, young
graduates should not be confused with Indian merchant ships and the navy.
As the economies of different countries develop, they need raw materials to make them work.
And the best way to import and export goods is by sea. Therefore, the business of the
merchant marine would be required by the state to bring in and take out such large quantities
of cargo.
Therefore, Top Merchant Navy Colleges In India is looking for applications from graduates.
However, before considering joining a merchant ship, you should be aware of the benefits of
this job.
Why should you join a merchant ship?
Merchant ships are not very popular with young graduates, so they do not resemble
engineering or medical jobs. But now it is becoming more and more popular due to the
special advantages of this business.
Here are a few:
Mediocre educational qualifications: The first great thing about the Merchant Marine is
that it requires a Mediocre educational qualification. This means you don't need to have a
great academic record like a job in engineering or medicine.
If they are looking for graduates, they will not ask for the lowest or minimum marks; you are
just required to pass. Therefore, if you have a low or intermediate level of education, you can
also apply for Merchant Navy. There are lots of Merchant Navy Colleges In India that
offers quality training.
Distinguished salary packages and benefits: This is the best part of Merchant Marine's
mission. This is his lucrative salary package and the other benefits that come with him. Now
your salary is much higher compared to other types of work. Even engineers don't earn that
much like marine merchant employees.
As you know, new employee salaries can range from 50,000 rupees per month to even
100,000 rupees to 200,000 rupees a month. So there is a lot of money that you can earn even
if you are young. Are you getting excited to join the merchant navy? Join Merchant Navy
Training today.
Travelling and adventure abroad: This job is full of adventures as it allows you to travel to
different parts of the world. You can travel almost anywhere in the world without having to
pay out of pocket.
People spend hundreds of thousands of rupees on cruise ships to travel, and you'll do it for
free for your merchant marine business.
Other cultures gallery: You are in contact with other cultures that you do not know at all.
Meeting others and sharing their experiences with you is a great way to learn new things in
your life. So, to gain cultural exposure, choose merchant navy as a career option and
join Merchant Navy Institute In India.
Tax incentives: The government also gives certain tax breaks to marine merchant employees
if they meet certain criteria. They must work on a ship for at least six months.
Professionalism and discipline: This is the best part of Merchant Navy as you are more
professional and disciplined. The task must be completed within the specified time. Hence, it
will be more trained, which will benefit your future life.
Are you getting excited to be part of the Indian merchant navy team? Join Merchant Navy
Institute today.
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