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AI Friend or Foe mind map A1 A2

Can help us save the planet
Will help us cure disease
Works faster, never tired, no failings and weaknesses
Can help us live longer
Advantages, improvement
Will help us travel faster
Can relieve us by doing jobs too difficult for us
Sophia, real-life robot
Can improve us (prothesis, artifical limbs?)
Can help us go to space, discover new areas such as deep
Movies, books or others....
Books by Isaac Asimov
Help in the army: will preserve humans
AI, Artificial Intelligence/I, Robot/ExMachina/Terminator/WAll-E/Blade
Runner/Matrix/Her/Interstellar/Ironman/Black Mirror/Google
Home and Alexa/Oblivion/Lucy/Apple Seed/Welcome to
Gattaca/Detroit become human/Avatar
Can dysfunction
Will question the very definition of humanity/ethical issues
AI Friend or Foe?
Will make us lazy if we don't have much to do anymore
Can create a dehumanized society
Can replace us at work: unemployment
More loneliness: robots can't really be friends, we need real
social connections
If they outsmart us, they can rebel and control us
Replacing human parts: transhumanism
Can be dangerous if created by evil beings
Computers, technology
Different fields
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