Graphic Designer
Graphic design management diploma from I.S.F.S.C. and I.N.F.A.C. in
Brussels, in parallel with various internships in typography, design
and corporate communication.
Diploma : ‘‘Chef d’entreprise en communication graphique’’
1995/1996 Prepatory year at St Luc Art College
... Applied arts high school at l’I.P.E.S. in Wavre.
Photoshop CS6
Illustrator CS6
InDesign CS6
Capture One 7.0
Freelance work :
- European Parliament: Graphic design, Communication, Print Production...
- Atipik: Communication, POS, Packaging...
- ConceptExpo: Signage, Museum Signage...
- Actstar: Advertising for Belgacom, Au bon repos...
- JJM: Packaging Design
- LIELENS : POS Design and Packaging for Novartis, Mars, Vittel...
- DENTSU : Graphic Design; Caterpillar, Post-It...
- DDB Belgium: Prepress ; D’Ieteren, Pfizer, Lipton, Henkel...
- STILIS : Design and Prepress; Hotels Léonardo, Arcelor, GaultMillau...
- Dimension: Prepress; Electrabel, Pineau des Charentes...
- Moulin d’Evere : Museum Signage and Graphic Design
- L’enfant des étoiles : Graphic Design
- ...
2005/2007 Part time freelance work: Graphic Design, Prepress,
Corporate Identity; Logo, Brochures, Packaging, Typography, Mailings,
Business Cards, from idea to prepress....
2001/2008 Graphic Designer at “Convergence Point” doing POS material, from
layout to camera ready copy; Displays, Shop Furniture, Packaging,
Retail Design... Philip Moris, Kraft, Belgacom...
2000/2001 Design Manager at “La Boîte à lettre”, Display on every kind of media.
1999/2001 Corporate design at “Simonis&Co”.
1998/1999 “Kick&Rush”: Graphic Design, Shop Design and Production.
1997/1998 Internship at Solvay in internal, external and crisis communication.
Pro bono work for “L’enfant des étoiles”
Active member of the Villers-la-ville Vineyard
Training in Art Therapy
Djembe - folk dance - Polyrhythm
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