Sport Marketing and Management

Minimum Admission Requirements
In order to be admitted to a program leading to a Diploma of College Studies (DEC),
candidates must possess a Quebec Secondary School Diploma including CST 4
Math. An applicant can also be admitted having completed a level of education that
is deemed equivalent by the College. Students who have not successfully completed
CST 4 should contact our Admission Officer for additional information.
For detailed admissions requirements please refer to the Admissions Handbook.
Admission Priorities
2012 2013
Even if candidates to programs meet the requirements of the Règlement sur le
regime des études collégiales, they may be refused admission because of the lack of
Students who are considering possible university studies in Management should
consider taking the CEGEP equivalent of Secondary V level math. Please consult an
Academic Advisor for more information.
The Program
The Sport Marketing & Management program prepares students to effectively
manage and market in a wide range of sport-related enterprises including
collegiate athletics, amateur and professional sports, sport-marketing firms,
special-event management, and facility management.
It is designed for the student who enjoys having responsibility, taking initiative,
dealing with the public and being part of a team. The three-year program will
give you the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in business and can lead to
a career that is both challenging and rewarding.
The program has a practical approach to learning through the use of
simulations, case studies, and assorted software applications. Students will
have the opportunity to complete fieldwork or to develop a project through an
independent study in Sport.
Application Deadline
March 1st for the Fall Semester.
Information and Applications
Web Site:
or contact your high school guidance counselor or our Admissions Office.
Contact Information
Une petite explication de l’option «Sport Marketing and
L’option ‘Sport Marketing & Management’ est un profil unique au programme
technique de Gestion de commerces. Les étudiants reçoivent une formation
pour travailler comme technicien ou gérant dans des entreprises ou des
commerces spécialisés dans la vente de produits et de services. Les cours
de concentration ont été crées pour offrir des compétences en marketing,
en relations publiques, en communications, en promotions, en ressources
humaines, etc. Lors d’un stage en entreprise, les étudiants mettent en œuvre
leurs connaissances dans le domaine du sport ou dans toute autre secteur
professionnel. L’opportunité de poursuivre des études au niveau universitaire est
possible pour ceux qui le désirent. À partir du premier trimestre, nos conseillers
pédagogiques sont disponibles pour discuter des préalables universitaires et de
la cote de rendement (cote R).
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Careers in Business
The aim of the program is to prepare you for management or marketing positions in:
Sport Marketing
and Management
• Sports marketing companies
• Professional sports teams/leagues
• Amateur athletic organizations
• Private and public health clubs and recreational facilities
• Corporate fitness and wellness programs
• Sports facility management
• Sports and communication firms
• Special event management
As such, Champlain College Saint-Lambert’s Sport Marketing & Management program will focus on developing the key
management and marketing skills required for success in this field. Graduates will be well-rounded individuals, who have
developed their whole person. They will possess a sound knowledge base, refined analytical and critical capability, proficiency
in communication, and strong social skills, allowing for rewarding interactions with others.
Who Should Apply
The Sport Marketing program will prepare students for career opportunities in marketing, public relations, promotions,
communications, human resources, and facility and/or event management within a variety of public and private organizations.
Students will also be able to apply their marketing skills to non-sport related careers.
A typical Sport Marketing student likes:
• thinking critically and problem solving
• working as a team
• taking the initiative, and
Graduates of the program typically have:
• good oral and written communication skills
• strong social skills
• strong leaderships skills, and
• good organization skills.
Semester Breakdown
Semester 1
Semester 2
Physical Education
Introduction to Sport
• Introduction to Marketing
• Introduction to Business
Software Tools
• History of Sports
Introduction to Accounting
Consumer Behaviour
Presentation Techniques
for Marketers
• Desktop Applications
for Marketing
Semester 3
Semester 4
• English
• Humanities
• Financial Management in
• Legal Issues in Sport
• Sports Marketing,
Promotions, & Fund Raising
• Managerial Statistical Methods
• Web Page Design for
Marketing & Sales
• Le français écrit du travail
Physical Education
Sports Marketing
• Retailing in Sport
• Delivering Quality
Customer Service
• Economics of Sports
Semester 5
Semester 6
Physical Education
Sales Force Training &
• Career Planning
• Project Management:
Sport Product Launch
or Facilities Management
• Sport Advertising
• Field Work in Sport or
Independent Study in Sport
Media Relations in Sports
Global Marketing of Sport
Sales Practicum
Sports Marketing Practicum
Sports Management