Grade 9
902 only – Introductory Journal
Mon week-end
 Students were asked to write a paragraph detailing a minimum of 5
things they DID over the weekend.
 Students were to pick 5 verbs from the Dr & MRS VANDERTRAMP
list ( Irregular Past Tense Verbs conjugated with the auxiliary verb
ETRE) and use these to write about their weekend activities
Journal Entry #1 Ma Journee ( My day)
• Students were to use a balanced mix of Regular
(avoir as the auxiliary verb) Past Tense Verbs
and Irregular ( ETRE as the auxiliary verb) Past
Tense verbs to write about their actions from
wake-up to bedtime in one day.
• This was to be a minimum of 10 complete
sentences with at least ten verbs written in the
past tense.
Journal Entry #2 Lettre:
Cher Père Noël
Students were to write a letter to Santa Claus.
Start with a greeting.
5 complete sentences of pleasantries and
asking questions.
Create Xmas list for Santa
(include a minimum of things you will ask Santa
• Closing Statements, remarks, pleasantries ( a
few sentences)
Closing and Signed Name
Journal #3: Ma Vacance et Mes
Résolutions pour 2016
This journal entry has two parts.
PART 1: Ma Vacance
 A minimum of ten sentences
 Use ten past tense verbs to describe things you did over your winter break/Christmas
vacation. Be sure to use sufficient details. Watch your spelling, grammar ( masculine
vs feminine, singular vs plural, etc.)
 PART 2: Mes Résolutions pour 2016
 Write a paragraph of 5 -6 sentences minimum detailing your goals and resolutions for
2016. In addition to the goals and resolutions, provide details. *Hint – Qui/Who?
 Quoi/What? ( example – What will you do to achieve this goal?)
 Quand/When?(When will you work on this?)
 Où/Where? ( Where do you plan to do this ?)
 Pourquoi/Why?( Why is this your goal or resolution ?)
 Comment/How? (How do you lpan to do this or achieve this ?)
*See resource notes on next page to help you with the future format ( you can also look
at the PowerPoint you referred to for your 2016 flip-chart resolutions) Your journal
entry is the same idea, with more details and extended writing and use of vocabulary.
Submission #2 Due le mardi 8 mars
Journal #3: PART 2
Mes Résolutions pour 2016
Format Notes
Sentence structure when writing in the near future ( Futur Proche) tense is a follows:
Je vais + infinitif ( verbe) + details
tu vas + infinitif ( verbe) + details
il va + infinitif ( verbe) + details
elle va + infinitif ( verbe) + details
nous allons + infinitif ( verbe) + details
vous allez + infinitif ( verbe) + details
ils vont + infinitif ( verbe) + details
elles vont + infinitif ( verbe) + details
Je vais faire tous mes devoirs. Je veux être plus responsable et améliorer mes
notes et d'améliorer mes notes avant d'aller à avant l'école secondaire
(Dartmouth High). Ma mère m'a dit qu'elle me récompenser avec dîner spécial
et du shopping si je fais tous mes devoirs.
Je ne vais pas manger autant de sucre et des bonbons. Ces aliments ne sont pas
bon pour moi et je veux être en bonne santé. Aussi, j'entraine pour mon équipe
de natation et je veux être en bonne forme.
Submission #2 Due le mardi 8 mars
Journal #4 – Lettre pour le Saint Valentin
• You are to write a love letter to your Valentine (This can be funny.
Write to a celebrity or an imaginary person.e.g. Taylor Swift,
SpongeBob, etc.)
• Your letter is to include 3 full paragraphs ( each paragraph 5-8
sentences in length)
• Format: Title, Salutation, 3 paragraphs closing, signature
• Paragraph 1 – Share your feelings for your Valentine
• Paragraph 2 – Compliment your Valentine. Personal and Physical
attributes ( e.g.Tu as les beaux yeux, bleus comme la mer)
• Paragraph 3 – Write about why you are the perfect couple (e.g. On
peut etre bizarre ensmble, nous sommes deux moitiés d'un même
• Include at least one model expression from each category
given to you in the “Corny/Cheesy” Valentine’s Expression
Handout ( *attached to my blog).
Titre: Tu veux être mon Valentin? / ma Valentine ?
Will you be my valentine ?
Pour commencer:
Ma chérie/Mon chéri
My dear
Mon amour
My love
Mon chou
My sweety
Mon lapin
My hunny
Tes Sentiments:
Tu es ma raison de vivre
you are my reason for living
Je ne rêve que de toi
I only dream of you
Je ne suis heureux/heureuse
Im only happy when i’m with you
qu'avec toi
Tu me fais tourner la tête
You make my head turn
Son “Look” /Les Compliments:
Tu es la plus belle/le plus beau
you are the prettiest / most handsome
Tu es tellement gentil(e)
you are so kind
J'adore tes yeux
I love your eyes
Je n'ai d'yeux que pour toi
I only have eyes for you
Votre Couple:
Nous sommes fait l'un pour l'autre we are made for each other
Nous sommes le couple parfait
we are the perfect couple
Nous ne faisons qu'un
we are one
Nous allons si bien ensemble
we go well together
Pour finir
À toi pour toujours
for you always and forever
Je t'aime
I love you
Je t'embrasse
Je pense bien à toi
Thinking of you
Mon coeur bat pour toi
My heart beats for you
Valentin soit le mien /
Be mine (to a boy)
Valentine soit la mienne
Be mine (to a girl)
Submission #2 Due le mardi 8 mars
Journal Entry #5 – Comparatif et Superlatif
You are to compare 1 or two things to each other.
Example : Toronto Maple Leafs VS Montreal Canadians
Kanye West Vs Drake
• You must use 5 comparatif sentences and 5 superlatif
• In total, you are to have 10 sentences minimum using
comparatif and superlatif grammar constuctions.
Remember, masc vs fem forms and sing vs plural forms
• You MUST use EACH of the 9 Constructions found in
your notes at least one time.
*The chart is also found on the following page of this PPT
for your convenience.
You must use the 9
constructions found in the chart
plus... que
more... than
le/la plus
the most
moins... que
less... than
le/la moins
the least
meilleur(e)... que
mieux... que
better... than
le/la meilleur(e)
the best
pire... Que
worse... than
le/la pire
the worst