21, avenue Tony Garnier

Dans le cadre des Forums d’infectiologie organisés par le CIRI, nous
vous rappelons que nous aurons le plaisir d’accueillir :
le Dr. Giorgio TRINCHIERI
le jeudi 7 mars 2013
à 11h
à l’amphithéâtre Pasteur (RdC Tour Inserm CERVI)
21, avenue Tony Garnier – 69007 Lyon
Titre de son intervention : « Microbiota and response to
cancer therapy »
Giorgio Trinchieri (MD, PhD) is an immunologist of worldwide
notoriety who investigated for many years the role of proinflammatory cytokines and interferons in the regulation of
haematopoiesis and innate immunity. His pioneer work is the
discovery of Interleukin-12, its production and mode of action in antitumour immunity, infection and autoimmunity.
As a former director of the Schering Plough Laboratory for
Immunological Research in Dardilly (France), he established a
program of biology and drug discovery for targeting innate immunity
and developed protocols of cancer immunotherapy.
His main focus of research is presently the role of inflammation,
innate resistance, and immunity in carcinogenesis, cancer
progression, and prevention or destruction of cancer.
No need to say, his seminar will certainly be of great value for all
researchers beyond those working on cancer.
Looking forward to seeing you on march 7, 11:00 am !
Dominique Kaiserlian
Grivennikov SI, Wang K, Mucida D, Stewart CA, Schnabl B, Jauch D,
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Goldszmid RS, Caspar P, Rivollier A, White S, Dzutsev A, Hieny S, Kelsall B,
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site of infection. Immunity. 2012. 36(6):1047-59.
Trinchieri G. Cancer and inflammation : an old intuition with rapidly
evolving new concepts.. Annu Rev Immunol. 2012;30:677-706.
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