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In the business world, nepotism is the practice of showing favoritism toward one’s family members or friends in
economic or employment terms. For example, granting favors or jobs to friends and relatives, without regard to merit, might
be considered nepotism. These practices can have damaging effects on businesses activity, such as eroding the efforts of nonfavored employees or reducing the quality and the creativity of management, moreover it encourages companies to recruit
less-skilled personnel. One of the most common arguments against nepotism is that the emotional ties between people who are
related may negatively affect their decisions, consequently a lack of trust climate is created in the company, this affects
negatively job satisfaction, loyalty, and individual performance and management. In such a situation, everyone will try to
satisfy his personal interests regardless collective ones.
In the past, many businesses sought to avoid even the appearance of nepotism by forbidding relatives from working
closely together. However, family businesses are seen as important sources of economic development, so nepotism can be
useful in smaller family businesses, when practiced in a reasonable way that rewards all employees for company success. The
emotional bonds between family members can have a positive effect on individual performance and company results, it
transforms these members into loyal and dedicated employees, it should not be forgotten that preparing a family member to
carry on a business is a perfectly legitimate enterprise for the owner of a family business.
In order to avoid potential pitfalls and ensure that relatives work together effectively, the company should establish
guidelines regarding salaries, responsibilities and succession. These guidelines will require the following qualifications: an
appropriate educational background, work experience and integrity. Such practices can improve the employee’s selfconfidence, the local economic stability and development and the preparation for an eventual leadership role in the world of
-1-Say if the following ideas are true or false: (2pts)
-a-Nepotism is based on offering favors to relatives.
-b-Nepotism has always damaging effects on business affairs.
-c-Family companies can generate lot of benefits.
-d-Employees must be chosen according to their qualifications and competences.
-2-Answer to the following questions according to the text: (3pts)
-a-How can business nepotism be positive?
-b-What are the negative effects of business nepotism?
-c-On which criteria should an employer rely on to choose his employees?
-3-In which paragraph is it mentioned that: (1pt)
-a-If we avoid nepotism we can realize economic prosperity.
-b-The practice of business nepotism encourages lack of workers confidence in their company.
-4-Find in the text words or phrases whose definitions follow: (1pt)
-a-The action of eliminating or eradicating something §1
-b-The training or the diploma that somebody acquires via studies or experience §3=
-5-Chosse the right answer then underline it: (1pt)
-The text is: -a-narrative
-1-Find in the text words that opposites to the following: (1.5pts)
-b-Separated #§1
-c-Allowing#§2 ________________
-2-Complete the table with the appropriate adjectives: (1pt)
-3-Combine the following sentence with the given linking words: (1pt)
-a1-Algeria (to regulate) severely job requirements. /–Employers (to select) correctly their employers. –(As long as)
-4-Insert Had BETTER / HAD BETTER NOT, in the following sentences to get coherent advises: (1pt)
-a1-Company boss:”I’ve to appoint a new manager. I mustn’t choose family members”
-b1-You look tired, you should ask for a rest from your company manager.
-5-Classify the following words according to their final /ED/: (1pt)
-6-Complete the following dialogue: (1.5pts)
-Economist: Yes, I think that it is possible to control nepotism in companies.
-Journalist: ______________________________________?
-Economist: We can establish severe regulations.
-Economist: For example we can make an investigation after the recruitment of the worker.
-TOPIC ONE: Corruption is an evil behavior in our society, according to you what are the main causes that push some people
to practice such an evil behavior?
-TOPIC TWO: In Algeria most of job applicants are afraid of being victims of nepotism. To avoid this they should:
- Complete accurate curriculum vitae
-Certified degrees/job experience
-Pass job interview
-Ask for refusal reasons
-Denounce nepotism to the police
-Contact the press to investigate in case of nepotism practices.