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Pila Division
General information
Mechanical workshops located in Piła are
a part of the Exalo Drilling S.A company created in 2013 with the merger of five companies
of the PGNiG Group. Piła Workshops began
its activities 60 years ago as a technical background of Oil and Gas NAFTA Piła company.
Currently, a group of more than 90 employees
using its extensive experience executes orders
for the oil industry both at home and abroad.
As a company we have a functioning system
of quality, environment and security management which are compatible with the following
standards: ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001: 2009,
OHSAS 18001: 2007. In addition, we have API
monograms on manufactured products according to API Spec 7-1 and API Spec 7-2.
Department of Control and Non-Destructive Testing
Staff is certified according to PN-EN ISO 9712, has a
second degree of competence in the following test
• visual (VT)
• penetration (PT)
• magnetic powder (MT)
• ultrasonic (UT).
We provide the following services:
• testing the continuity of materials (detection of
cracks and other hidden defects) with Olympus
Epoch 1000 ultrasonic flaw detector and magnetic-powder in white light and ultraviolet
• measuring complex geometry and spatial structures of large dimensions (accuracy ± between
0.07mm) with a „Stinger II” mobile measuring arm
with digital geometry recording in real time,
• checking torque wrenches with Dremotest Tronic
8612 device in the range from 20 to 1000Nm,
• measuring the wall thickness of pipes, tanks, and
other enclosed structure having a thickness in the
range of 0.1 to 600 mm,
• measurement of surface roughness by parameters
Ra and Rz (profilografometr) with a Mitutoyo mobile
• review, inspection and non-destructive testing of
the drill string components by the provisions of API
RP 7G-2 and DS.-1. We perform the tests and measurements either in our headquarters or in a place
designated by the customer.
Our welding works are executed on the basis of
approved Welding Procedure Qualification Record
PN-EN ISO 15614-1 and comprise steel in group
1; 5; 8; 9; 10 according to PN-CR ISO 15608.
Welding methods according to PN-EN ISO 4063
• 111 - welding with coated electrodes (MMA)
• 135 - semi-automatic welding (active gas)
• 141 - TIG welding (inert gas)
• 311 - gas welding (oxy-acetylene)
We meet the full quality requirements for welding
according to EN ISO 3834-2
The core business of welding include:
• repair and production of steel structures
• repair and production of tanks and heavy
• repair and production of high pressure valves
• regeneration of special tools through
technological welding and brazing layers of hard
• regeneration of pump housings, components,
spare parts
• repair and modernization of tanks, pipelines.
We provide our welding services either in our
headquarters or in a place designated by the
We provide:
• Drilling and milling CNC DEFUM WFM 110E table with
a capacity of 4000 kg and dimensions of the workpiece
1400 mm x 1000 mm and a height of 1200 mm
• CNC lathe with a capacity of 6000 kg in the centers and
320 mm passage of the spindle,
• pipe lathes with a capacity of 6000 kg in the centers
and a bed length of 3000 mm
• grinding machines: Cylindrical with a capacity of 400 kg
between the centers and dimensions of the workpiece
1471 mm in length and 500 mm in diameter and a flat
grinder with a 600 mm x 200 mm table
• a group of CNC and conventional machine tools:
milling machines, lathes.
We provide the following services:
• regeneration and production of parts and components
of a heavy industry machines (including drilling)
• production of spare parts by our or entrusted
• machining of large parts,
• turning and threading of long shafts and pipes with
diameter up to 300 mm,
• production of threaded connections of various types,
including those according to the API standard.
We have many years of experience in the creation
of constructional-technological documentation to
conduct repairs, maintenance, modernization and
implementation of new machinery, equipment and
production parts. In our business we are guided by the
understanding of customer needs and supporting the
Customer from the moment of defining the objectives of
the project through close cooperation during the design
process to supporting the consultation and supervision
of the production process. We use modern computer
systems supporting design: T-Flex Parametric 3D CAD
and progeCAD 2010 Pro ENG as well as Microsoft Office
Range of services:
• preparation of constructional-technological
documentation by design assumptions, for the
design of new and modification, upgrading of
existing machines and parts,
• exploration of design concept solutions and
• visualization of the project at the design stage,
before performing,
• calculations supporting the design work,
• analysis, evaluation and verification of design
• creation of accompanying documentation
(manuals and repair, assembly and disassembly,
parts catalogs)
• analysis and evaluation of the manufacturing
processes and assembly,
• introduction of structural changes in the
proposed product.
Corrosion protection is carried out in a hall equipped with a
blasting and varnish chamber. This ensures optimal process
control, ensuring the highest quality services. Abrasive blasting
of surfaces is done in a blasting chamber SciTeeX BLASTLUX BL1555 PC using cast steel shot.
Blasting chamber dimensions are:
length - 15 meters;
width - 5 meters;
height - 5 meters.
The maximum weight of the cleaned structure - 24 tons.
Painting of the construction takes place in a dust-free
SciTeeX Venus 1555 painting-drying cabin with an
airless spray.
Dimensions of the paint booths are:
length - 15 meters;
width - 5 meters;
height - 5 meters.
The maximum weight of painted structure - 24 tons.
We do inspections, repairs and overhaul of
equipment used in heavy industry.
We specialize in the repair of components and
devices, such as:
• centrifugal pumps, pistons
• combustion engines and generators,
• hydraulics: actuators, control sets,
• pulleys,
• decanter centrifuges,
• mixers, mechanical and hydraulic
• Technological and special purpose machines.
Powstańców Wielkopolskich 167
64-920 Piła
Tel: 67 215 12 79
kom. +48 785 995 103
[email protected]
Pila Division