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Complaint and apology emails:
Thanks for reaching out to us about the late arrival of your order on 15
April 2021 due to inevitable circumstances. Our company would like to
sincerely apologize for the lack of communication and we appreciate your
patience during this time.
We want to inform you that our team has fixed the problem after tracking
your order, the late arrival of your order was caused by an accident in at
the delivery company we work with. So we are happy to let you know that
you will receive your order during the next 4 business days, and once
again kindly accept our sincere apologies.
Due to the problems caused to you, we hope you accept this discount code
“Ussech112”, you can actually purchase anything in the limit of 20 dollars
using this code. Please contact us if there is any kind of problem.
Formal invitation email:
Dear Mr Hoffman
Referring back to the previous contact about the training seminar “Using
social media in the hospitality industry”, we are reaching you out to provide
you more details about this this seminar that will took place in 5th June
starting at 09:00 at the Training Room B in Garton Park Centre.
The seminar will last from 09:00 to 17:00 with the presence of the Social
Media Expert Susie Hill and Hospitality Marketing Specialist Mr. Peter
Reed to talk about using social media in the hospitality industry. You will
find below an attachment containing a brochure with all details and
objectives of the seminar.
The parking is available in case of using personal transport, if it’s not the
case we advise you to arrive using public transport. The bus 22 stops
exactly outside the Garton centre. Please let us know if you have any
questions or you need more details.
With gratitude
The training company
An internal memo:
To: All staff
From: YC
Date: 8 June
Re: Training
The purpose of this memo is to introduce the new procedures of checking
in the employees. The software recently installed of checking in guests
has been updated to include workers also. As a result, the employees has
no longer to check in manually.
The new features of the software will be launched by the end of the month,
so all the staff are required to assist the training before that date. The new
features was developed by the same company that created it in the first
place “Delton IT Solutions” and the training also is delivered in English and
French by their head of IT training Geert Aspe. Three 120min sessions will
be provided in order to learn how to use the software:
19th June at 9.30
21th June at 14.30
23th June at 10.30
The training will be in the conference room. Fill in the form attached below
with date of session of your choice and return it to me by the next week.
Contact me for any question or if you have a problem before next week.