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28-Dear Prospective Student's

Dear Prospective Student's We advise you to arrive Kharkov International Airports (IATA Code:
HRK). The student or agency dealing with student must inform «Ukrainian International
Association of University Entrants» “UMOA” about student's arrival Airport, Date and Flight
number and arrival time at least 3-5 days prior to arrival. We do appreciate if scans of Air Ticket
be forwarded to [email protected] . Our agent will meet you at air terminal and
making all conceivable courses of action to clear your migration, and transporting you to goal
Agreeing to Rules and Directions of Ukrainian Movement Division in the event that Agent of
middle person firm i.e. (in case in the event that confirmation done through us, at that point)
«Ukrainian Worldwide Affiliation of College Entrants» “UMOA” or College isn't display at the time
of student's entry, Migration Specialists Extradite back to his/ her nation without any
clarifications. The understudy must be beyond any doubt of bringing all Installments and
Records specified underneath something else Ukraine Migration Specialist can deny him/ her
Section and Oust back to his/ her nation The understudy must bring full Educational cost
expense, settlement expense and other charges (Cash or Travel Cheque) said in Courses &
Costs for chosen program / college. The understudy is addressed by air terminal Migration
Specialists around Educational cost charge and other charges. The understudy must bring a
few additional cash for individual keep up. The understudy must bring all records returned from
International safe haven of Ukraine with visa. Please note that you should ask our
representative to show his «Ukrainian International Association of University Entrants» (if you
want to enter to the university and you can’t write an application essay, you can buy this essay
from websites to pay for a paper) “UMOA” before going with him, it is to avoid any security risk
Emirates, Fly Dubai, Air Arabia, Turkish Airline, Lufthansa, KLM, Austrian Airline, Aeroflot, Air
France and many other Airlines are accessing these airports several times a day MAKE SURE
FOLLOWING BEFORE LEAVING YOUR COUNTRY!!! • You bring your complete tuition fee
package advised by «Ukrainian International Association of University Entrants» “UMOA” • You
must have some money for your personal keep up at least for a couple of months (300USD in
enough) IMPORTANT!!! • In case you come in after October, make beyond any doubt you wear
warm dress and shoes, and bring them as well. • Bring all your reports returned from Ukraine
international safe haven together with your visa, and don't disregard them anyplace at your
domestic or takeoff air terminal of your nation. • You must bring one year's substantial discuss
ticket with open return date• Do not forget to inform «Ukrainian International Association of
University Entrants» “UMOA” team about your arrival at least 4-5 days prior to your arrival.
Superior on the off chance that you check your discuss ticket and visa so our agent invites you
at Ukraine's airplane terminal. Air terminal movement in Ukraine can oust understudies a bit like
that, in case no one is present authoritatively to choose the understudy. Don't hesitate to
compose us for any subtle elements We wish you a really charming and secure flight to Ukraine