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Vivos Health Ltd

Welcome to
Vivos Health Ltd
Vivos Osteopathy we are The Cambridge Osteopath for wholesome living. We
offer secure, effective and expert treatment and recommendation to patients
with more than a few muscle and joint conditions. We trust that the busy lives
we live nowadays can place immoderate stress and stress on our our bodies.
whether the causes are work, enjoyment or age associated , our aim is to get
our patients back to health fast and to help them stay wholesome. We
welcome sufferers of all ages and backgrounds. if you would love to find out
extra approximately how The Cambridge Osteopath can assist your muscle
and joint ache and keep you healthy please explore our website.
What is Osteopathy?
Osteopathy is a number one healthcare machine of diagnosis and remedy for
a huge range of clinical situations. it's far based totally on the precept that the
body works as a unit. To gain properly-being, the joints, muscle tissue, and
connective tissue must all be operating collectively. it works with the shape of
the frame which will affect how nicely the frame capabilities.
Osteopathy targets to enhance joint mechanics, relieve muscle anxiety and
improve blood and nerve delivery to the body’s tissues. through touch, bodily
manipulation, rub down and stretching techniques, it really works to restore
your frame to a country of stability and health.
Cranial Osteopathy
Cranial Osteopathy is a totally gentle shape of osteopathic treatment that targets
to launch stresses and strains all through the frame but regularly focuses on the
cranial bones inside the head. through setting their arms very lightly onto the
patient’s body, osteopaths try to choose up diffused modifications in the
underlying tissues after which assist them to gently unwind and launch. it's miles
a completely safe and regularly enjoyable form of treatment which could
advantage a wide variety of sufferers.
Cranial Osteopathy Cambridge may be beneficial for some infants. they may be
frequently subjected to extensive mechanical force as they grow during
pregnancy and as they bypass via the beginning canal at some stage in labor.
The bones inside the infant’s head are soft and capable of the move and overlap
each other so as to facilitate birth. from time to time this may result in toddlers
being born with abnormal fashioned or asymmetrical heads. the usage of forceps
or ventouse at some stage in hard births also can be an aspect.
What we Treat
Low Back Pain
Neck Pain Cause and Headaches
Shoulders, Elbow, Wrist and Hand Problems
Hip, Knee, Ankle and Foot Problem
Sports Injuries
Pregnancy related Problem
Postural Pain
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Business Name:- Vivos Health Ltd
Business Address:- Ostepathy at the Frank Lee,
Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Hills Rd, Cambridge,
CB20SN, United Kingdom
Business Phone Number:- 07582 128662