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Social Media Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing Services
Social media marketing company California, USA offers low cost
social media services marketing and advertising for all business
profiles in one place. Contact us today!
Mobile App Design and Development
At TedLite, we have an in-house team of dedicated mobile apps
developers who are proficient in designing and developing robust
mobile applications that offer an enhanced user experience.
Having worked on multiple mobile application based projects, we
know what it takes to build mobile apps that drive more traffic,
increase download on both the Apple & Google Play stores and in
return, offer substantial growth for your business in terms of a
higher ROI.
Search Engine Optimzation
Search Engine Optimization – “Its more of a science than an
art ” – We utilise the power and knowledge of Internet to
make your business visible all around and more so to those
who are your target audience. Our processes to acheive the
same are :
Understand your platform and business model
Understand your marketing goals
Do our due-diligence on your website
Devise a unique SEO strategy which fits your thoughts and
Monitor site progress through Google Analytics and
webmaster tools
Create Google Ads based on search volume to drive
inorganic traffic to the sit
Corporate Video Presentations
Corporate Videos are those that help Deliver your
Message Clearly and Effectively.
Our corporate video production service helps you
create video content for every stage of your sales
funnel and corporate communications. More
businesses are leveraging the power of video to
create compelling content that drives traffic and
boosts business growth.
How does this differ from all our competitors?
We use a mix of technology to create videos where enunciation is the
moto of your subject, and to do this we use the following techniques:
• Animated Logo Intro
• Animated Lower thirds
• Animated Kinetic typography
• Motion graphics
• Animated Modern transitions
• Visual metaphors
• Audio narration
• Illustrations
• Custom Infographic representations
• Cinematic styles & many more as wild as your imagination and
creativity can take you, we can deliver!
At TedLite we create high quality corporate videos for businesses around the world.
We’ve worked with some of the largest corporations in the world, medium and small
business owners.
With everyone promising great results, finding the best video production company
for your project is a challenge.
We close that gap and your ends here.
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Contact: +91 789 281 6366 / 9945 184 050
Address us: No 90, 34th B cross, 4th T block,
Jayanagar, Bangalore-560041 INDIA