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Different Phases in Production of Video

Different Phases in Production of Video!
If you are in the field of production of videos, keeping five phases of production in
mind can help you sail through the entire process of successful Live Streaming Video
Production Melbourne. It is hard to believe, but true that all videos –may it be of any
length, size or type, pass through the same basic five stages. These five stages are
1. Development
The first very important step is to discuss with your client about their Web
Video Production Melbourne requirements like what their goal that they are
targeting through video and asking them about how you can work on their
thinking. This can be done by including the things like the idea, client’s plan,
timeline to achieve and finally the budget in the development phase. It becomes
easy for the client to decide and approve step by step and you can go ahead and
make changes if necessary, in the early phase of pre-production.
Here are some questions that you can ask your client to make things clearer about
Live Streaming video Melbourne:
 Why the client wants a video?
 Who will be the audience they want to target?
 What do you expect people to respond like after watching the video?
 What would be your budget for the entire project?
 The number of videos that you want to get created?
 Which filming style you want (animation, interviews or live action)?
 What will be the duration of each video?
 How soon you want to release the video?
 Where the video will be published initially?
 What will be the distribution and marketing plan like?
2. Pre-Production
Pre-production and Videography Services Melbourne is a little difficult stage
as everything that’s required for a successful shoot of a video is prepared. Like
script writing, creation of storyboards, Making production schedule,
auditioning and focusing on the cast, hiring a team, securing equipment,
finalizing locations, signing related contracts, going through the client’s
proposal again, selecting wardrobes, getting props.
3. Production
The task of video production services melbourne is actually capturing related
things for the project, whether it requires animation, actions or design. A lot of
energy is spent making things into special. There is no doubt that this task is
most critical as well as most difficult task where you have to be much vigilant
at the time of production of the video.
4. Post Production
This phase is all about completing the project. The following things are
involved in this phase
 Editing the picture
 Adding audio effect, voice over and music
 Editing color and sound
 Reviewing project
 Adding credits and titles
 Creating special effects
 Project encoding takes place
 Create materials for publicity
 Release project for the audience targeted
5. Marketing and Distribution
Once the completion of the project takes place, all effort is put into
implementing the pre-approved distribution and marketing plan to attract
customers to the video created. The entire process is not an easy task to
accomplish, but with the basic five phases one can turn out to be a good video