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A basic information about valves and its
As we all know that pipelines helps to efficiently transport huge amounts of liquids and gases
collectively known as fluids. But pipeline requires a regulating body which can decide the amount of
the flow and when to start and stop the flow for their efficient working. This is the time where, valves
come into picture and are the regulating body which helps to control the flow rate and act as a switch
which can start and stop the flow. Valves also playing an important role in the movement of fluids in
many industries such as oil and petrochemicals, pharmaceutical industries and food and beverage
industries and also become an important parts of many types of machinery too.
Industrial Valves are mechanical devices which block pipes or passages of gasses and liquids either
wholly or in some measure to control the flow rate as needed. In our daily lives we come across many
valves, but probably we never noticed them. The taps which we open and close to control the flow of
water is also a valve even the regulators which we use to control the gas flow from our gas pipelines
are also valves. Also it can be found in cookers as well.
All valves are generally quarter turn valves as we have to turn the lever by 90 degrees to start and stop
the flow and use a hollow, pivoting and perforated ball which is also called as a floating ball valves. And
from this valve the flow of fluids takes place. When the lever or handle is moved to 90 degrees, the hole
of the ball gets line up with the pipe opening and help to start the flow. When the lever is turned by 90
degrees again, the hole turns around and the ball will block the opening of the pipe that helps to stop
the flow.
A double block and bleed valve is a single valve with two seating surfaces which are, the closed position,
and that provides a seal against the pressure from both the ends of valve with a means of vending or
bleeding the hole between the seating surfaces. They are mostly used in the oil and gas industries, but
they can also be helpful in other industries as well.
There are different types of ball valves which are extensively used in numerous industries and all
depending upon to their designs, sizes and the pressure handling capacities. Most of the common ones
are reduced port, cavity filler, Full port, V port, trunnion ball valves (have an anchoring or disc above
and below the valve which help in high pressure flow rate) and the multiport valves.
Gate Valves are made to serve as an isolation valves. These kind of valves help to control the liquid flow
through the pipes. These valves affixed to the pipelines to start and stop the water flow or any other
kind of liquid. These are used for many purposes and they can be seen mostly in homes and commercial
centres. Different materials such as cast iron, stainless steel, forged steel, alloy steel etc are used to
manufacture these kind of valves.