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Everything You Need To Know About These Valves

Everything You Need To Know About These Valves
Before knowing the different types of parts of valves, let us make it clear that what are
valves? So, basically, valves are the mechanical devices used to control the flow and pressure
in a system.
These are crucial parts or components of a piping system that includes the flow of liquids,
gases, vapors or slurries, etc. Its basic function is to start or stop, increase or decrease the
flow and control the direction of flow, relieve a pipe system of a certain pressure, etc. There
are different types of valves listed below:
1. Non-slam check valve: Non-slam check valves are clear by its name; these valves
close without slamming, which further means that no excess pressure spikes are
created. The disc of a non-slam check valve has an internal spring opposing the
opening fluid flow pressure. The swing check valve closes abruptly due to gravity that
leads to pressure surge resulting in shockwaves, and further, these waves cause severe
stress on the piping system. This can only be sorted by installing a non-slam type
check valve. This valve donor relies on gravity. As the upstream velocity of the fluids
slows, the spring helps the valve start to close the disc.
2. Next coming to GLOBE VALVES- Globe valves refers to such a valve which is used
for regulation of flow in a pipeline consisting of a movable plug or disc elements in a
stationary ring seat in a spherical body. It got its name from its shape. Globe
valves are widely used in plant piping and are suitable for manual as well as
automatic operation.
It can also be used for regulating the flow or pressure or complete shutoff of flow. Typically
automated globe valve uses smooth stems rather than threaded and is opened and closed by
an actuator assembly.
3. Moving on to our next type of valve -the Bellow valve is a gate valve that uses a
cylindrical metal bellows to seal the valve against stem the last leakage hermetically.
This valve has a complex structure and is a type of control valve stem sealing parts of
the bellow seal valves. On the other hand, it prevents fluids from leaking to the air and
guarantees zero leakage of pipelines. Besides, in metallurgy, different kinds
of bellows are used, box bellows- were traditionally used in east Asia, and Pot
bellows- were used in ancient Egypt.
4. Further, it comes to our last type of valve that is a swing check valve. A swing check
valve consists of a disc that mounts on its and swings on a hinge or shaft. The disc
swings and allows forward flow. When the flow gets stopped, the disc comes back to
its place to block reverse flow. Generally, swing check valves are installed where
personnel is present.
A swing check valve, also known as a tilting disc check valve, is a type of check valve in
which the disc moves to block the flow. It swings on a hinge, and it either swings onto the
seat to stop the reverse flow or off the seat to allow the forward flow of liquid or gas.
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