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Discover nature. Find out for yourself- Permaculture Design Course

Discover nature. Find out for yourselfPermaculture Design Course
A 10-day Permaculture Course that will enhance the work being carried out. We invite you to live a
deep experience of immersion in a life dedicated to going beyond sustainability and transforming
our realities individually and collectively through the beautiful vision.
Topics to Work
Permaculture Design
Analysis of the current reality
Principles of attitude
Natural Systems Guidelines
Community Soil Restoration
Soil Seeding
Effective Microorganisms
Cold and Hot Composts
Self-Sufficient Productive Systems
Herbs, Vegetables
Annual Cultivation
Food Forests
Community Seed Banks
Wild Seed Collection Seed
Selection, Storage
Who is this PDC for?
This transformative learning and society coexistence course determined on Permaculture
Queensland. It is expected at people who are inquisitive to bring in themselves or get deeper in the
growth and design of more logical and sustainable life models. It is a course that prepares you to
experience a first immersion in very broad and diverse topics that propose new ways of living, so the
course is aimed at all those people who do not feel comfortable with how society, the economy
works, education, health, food, relationships, and in general the dynamics of a world that does not
revolve in harmony with the natural flows of our nature.
You feel the call to do something different. You want to do something that must necessarily
question the patterns and conditions that we have imposed as humanity and that direct us today
towards separation and destruction. Then this Permaculture Course Australia can give new light to
that transformation that we can carry out together.
DESIGN: Practice techniques for observation and surveying; learn to read and make maps,
select and use tools for site analysis and assessment. Integrate ethics, principles, and
climate-specific strategies to create innovative design solutions, and experience several
iterations of group design processes.
CLIMATE AND LANDFORM: Adapt design strategies to climate patterns; observe, enhance,
and create microclimates; adapt design to slope, elevation, orientation, and local weather
WATER: Understand the natural water cycle and effects of human interventions. Use
earthworks to harvest the rain, recharge depleted groundwater, and prevent erosion. Learn
to use & reuse water responsibly, including gray water solutions, constructed wetlands, and
SOIL: Understand the living and non-living aspects of soil, and how appropriate human
management can maximize productivity and health of soils. Know strategies and practice
techniques that build fertility and resilience of soil in different climates and at different
scales of use.
LIVING LANDSCAPE MANAGEMENT: Understand basics of ecology at Permaculture Australia
succession, nutrient cycling and energy flows, behaviour of complex systems. Select
appropriate solutions for intensive and extensive landscapes; Understand benefits of multi-
yield systems at different scales, including diversified gardens, agroforestry,
agrosilvopastoral landscapes, and managed woodlands.
SOCIAL & ECONOMIC APPLICATIONS: Under PDC Australia, you will understand appropriate
technologies and techniques for sustainable human settlements & society. Including: natural
building, energy-efficient house design, community & decision-making strategies, transition
towns, ethical livelihood creation & micro business, solidarity/social economy,
local/alternative currencies.
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