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The six benefits of permaculture for the gardener

The six benefits of permaculture for the
Two Australians coined the term permaculture in the mid-1970s. A contraction of the English
permanent agriculture, this word originally designated a way of cultivating the land without
causing harm to nature or humans. It is economically viable and sustainable in the long term.
In reality, it is difficult to define what Permaculture Course is, depending on whether one
considers it as a philosophy, a way of life or a set of methods. Permaculture is all of that.
Its goal is to create human societies respectful of nature and men. It applies to all fields of
human activity, in particular to habitat, energy, our relationships with the elements that make
up the natural system. The way we cultivate the land to produce food, which is the basis of
the organization of any sustainable human society.
Permaculture Australia demotes to an ethic that is supported on three main primary beliefs:
taking care of the Earth, taking care of Man, equitably sharing resources.
Important features
To preserve the environment
Promote biodiversity
Save energy
Cultivate better to live better
The six benefits of permaculture for the gardener
For the gardener, the benefits of PDC Australia flow from the very principles of this concept.
1. Preservation of the planet's resources
By using natural energy, by saving resources such as water and avoiding as much as possible
the use of fossil fuels.
By making the best use of the resources and products that nature makes available to us. The
deadwood used as firewood, or as a support for mushroom cultivation, etc. The medicinal
plants growing spontaneously, depolluting plants to cleanse the environment. Waste must be
recycled to perform another function: a transparent plastic container becomes a vegetable bell,
mowing the lawn is used for mulching the ground.
2. Permaculture takes less labour and energy £
One of the methods recommended by Permaculture Design is, for example, not to turn over
or plough the soil of the vegetable garden. It is loosened by the soil fauna whose activity is
favoured by the mulch. The use of tiller is largely destroying underground fauna.
3. Promote biodiversity and participate in the maintenance of animal and plant species
Unlike traditional agriculture, permaculture is not opposed to living things. On the contrary, it
is inspired by nature and works with it, taking advantage of its immense diversity.
4. The products obtained from the culture are organic
Based on the observation of natural ecosystems and for the sake of preserving biodiversity,
the Permaculture Queensland does not use natural biocides. It starts from the principle that
nature regulates itself. For example, he can choose to sacrifice part of his production to pests.
5. Health is better preserved
Not only because the products are organic but also because we spend more time taking care
of ourselves and others. And spending time with your children, family, or friends is excellent
therapy against stress and other ailments that affect our mental health.
6. Economical on the surface
Producing abundantly in small areas allows less area to be used, freeing up land for other
activities. If you love nature, you should also enrol for Permaculture Course Australia.
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