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Homework :
1. The main cause of global warming is from an increase in
greenhouse gases (like carbon dioxide, methane and
Nitrous Oxide) in the atmosphere.
2. fertilizer and pesticides can cause the contamination of
land and threaten food security.
3. the greenhouse effect is that it trap the heat from the
sun, which is making the Earth hotter
4. Rainforests help to control global warming because they
absorb carbon dioxide
5. type of soil do rainforests grow on are poor soils, it’s a
problem because when they are cut down or burned the
soil is washed away in tropical rains, so that the area may
turn into desert.
6. Countries use the most renewable energy are Iceland
and Costa Rica.
7. Train is better than plane because As more and more
people fly, greenhouse gases increase, and emissions
from aviation in Europe increased by 87% between 1990
and 2006, but using public transport (includes trains) or
cycling in cities emissions from urban transport could be
cut by more than 50%.
8. The effective thing than recycling is choosing products
that use a minimum of plastic and paper packaging.