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Marketing Mix for one type of FMCG

Marketing Mix for one type of FMCG:
The marketing mix includes all marketing decisions and actions taken to ensure the
success of a product, service or brand on its market.
Traditionally considered the decisions and actions of the marketing mix are taken
into 4 main areas which are:
- Product policy
- Pricing policy
- Promotion policy
- Place policy
Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) or consumer packaged goods (CPG) are
products that are sold quickly and at relatively low cost (food brands and hygiene
The implementation of the marketing mix must achieve the objectives arising from
the marketing strategy. Decisions taken within the different variables or policies
are interdependent and must be consistent.
Product: Gillette Fusion is designed for general male population usage. Gillette
Fusion’s core benefit is facial hair shaving, while their actual product is
incorporated with technological innovations and thus possesses many advanced
features, which contribute to high product quality with a packaged uniquely.
Price: Gillette Fusion utilizes premium pricing whereby they set prices artificially
high so that favorable perceptions about the brand may be fostered. It makes
consumers to presume that expensive items imply good reputation or exceptional
quality. Moreover, premium pricing would help Fusion distinguish itself from other
low-cost brands, thus avoid the case of price war.
Place: Gillette Fusion is distributed through retailers. It is also made available
through online shopping websites to facilitate the purchase process by a click. Its
distribution embodies pull strategy whereby P&G spends huge budget on
Advertising and thus creates the demand by consumers. As a result, it attracts
wholesalers and retailers to carry Gillette products.
Promotion: The two major promotional tools used by Gillette Fusion are
Advertising and sales promotion. For Advertising, Fusion has long been initiating
new Advertising program in TV, magazines, and billboards. With P&G’s creative
marketing communication plans, Fusion is able to tap on this advantage.
Management and Maintenance of Brand Equity:
Brand Equity is defined as the differential effect that knowledge about the brand
has on consumer response to the marketing of that brand (Kevin Keller).
Positive customer-based brand equity results when consumers respond more
favorably to the marketing activities when the brand is identified than when it is
Building brand equity will improve brand profitability.
Elements of Brand Equity
 Brand Loyalty: Brand loyalty is a measure of the attachment that a customer
has to a brand.
 Brand Awareness: the ability of a potential buyer to recognize or recall that a
brand is a member of a certain product category,
 Perceived Quality: The customer's perception of the overall quality or
superiority of a product or service with respect to its intended purpose,
relative to alternatives. Perceived quality is a perception by customers.
 Brand Association: A brand association is anything "linked" in memory to a
Why Brand Equity of Nestle is Best?
The Nestle brand strategy is developing shared values in business through
corporate brand. They protect and enhance the business sustainability by
delivering total quality management in their food quality.
There IS the core concept of nestle brand is good food must be for good life.
Therefore Nestle is shareholder friendly that depicts the welfare of society as a
Nestle believes that the role of its brands has always met customer satisfaction in
all the way. Without customer trust and integrity they cannot acquire long term
Notion of “Value” from the customer’s perspective:
Customer value has something to do with the benefit which a product or service
creates in customer in return for the cost that customer bear in order to get that
service. The concept of value is often compared to quality and price. Quality is a
feature that increases or decreases the value of a product or a service. This can
therefore be stated as “quality = customer satisfaction.”
By viewing marketing from the customer's perspective, we find that the factors
impacting the purchasing process may involve more than our traditional marketing
definitions would indicate. If we're to find that ever elusive marketing edge to meet
increased competition, we may need to expand our marketing effort to include this
broader customer oriented perspective.
Impact the news technologies on the marketing mix:
This is no longer the consumer comes to the brand, but the brand that goes to the
As consumers spend more and more time on the Internet, many companies are
shifting more of their marketing budget to online advertising to build their brands
or to attract visitors to their websites. The amounts spent online advertising have
increased exponentially, and this rate of increase is not expected to slow down in
the foreseeable future.
Marketing in the digital age, the four P’s becomes:
Product = Presentaion
Place = Presence
Promotion = Personalisation
Price = Premise
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