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t shirt strategy

STEP 1: Audience Building
1.) Search in Facebook Audience Insights for female rich niches.
a.) High-affinity score (no less than 30)
b.) Age: 21-54
c.) Activity > Ad clicks: Above 30%
d.) Size 100,000-200,000
2.) Save Audience respective name
3.) Graph Search “interests” and then click on pages for a huge list of ideas
4.) Site with industries for audience ideas:
5.) Do not choose interests with capital letters only lower case (precise interests).
6.) Blogs, websites, forums, reports are PASSIONATE.
7.) Once you have a hungry audience keep showing them new shirts
STEP 2: Finding Social Proof
1.) Search Social Networks for social proof
a.) Pinterest - 1,000+ pins
b.) Etsy - look for lots of great reviews
c.) Teespring (DO NOT COPY ONLY FOR INSPIRATION) This is very important
because you have to understand that these audiences see your competitors
shirts every day (don’t kid yourself) You really need to stand out and be
completely different. Now, it doesn’t mean you can’t rebrand a design you see
in another niche. (example: “[Industry] Because Badass Is Not An Official Job
Title”) Just make sure it hasn’t been rebranded yet.
STEP 3: Design
(Once you find a winning shirt, find more audiences to market the shirt too.)
1.) Send ideas to the designer
a.) Minimum colors (3 at most)
2.) Quality check design on finished design
a.) Revisions if needed
3.) Upload design to shirt platform
STEP 4: Uploading To Platform
1.) Keep copy simple:
Supplies Are Limited
Not Sold In Stores
Guaranteed safe and secure checkout via Paypal | VISA | MASTERCARD
Click Reserve It Now to pick your size/style/color and order
2.) Set 7-day campaign
STEP 5: Marketing
(When to scale and when to kill.)
1.) Ad Creation
a.) 500px X 500px shirt on white background no border
b.) PPE (post page engagement)
c.) Upload image to fan page and write following copy:
Limited-Edition - Not Sold In stores
Buy here=> [insert_URL_here]
Also available in other styles:
Buy here => [insert_URL_here]
2.) Choose mobile only
3.) Set ad budget to $10/day on the first day (after 12pm set the budget to $5 to gain
edge rank, then $10 the next day).
a.) Kill at $5 if you DO NOT have a 6-8% C.T.R. and make sure that 10% of
“Likes” are commenting/tagging their friends and sharing. Keep going if you
have one sale.
Case Study:
b.) Kill at $10 if you haven’t sold a single shirt. Keep at $10 if you have.
c.) Kill at $20 if you have only sold 1 (or multiple shirts) from one single order.
Keep going if you have sold 2 (or multiple shirts) from two or more orders.
4.) If you don’t sell but still getting a high C.T.R (8%+) and low PPE (.02-.05) you know
your design is bad.
**BONUS STEP 6**: Optimizing Ads
1.) Check reports daily
a.) Amount spent, cost per checkouts, the amount spent, cost per share...etc.
2.) Scaling Up
a.) Increase budget 50% each day until you reach $100
3.) Scaling Out
a.) Based on reports create micro ad sets of age and interests to see if you have
the potential to scale up these ads. Start at $5 per day.
4.) Create lookalike audience off your retargeting ad (if it's 100+) then take the look-alike
audience and set up a website conversion ad with the same interests as you used
on the prior campaign.
5.) Re-engage with your comments. So when people tag their friends you reply and
basically remind them to get their shirt.
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