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Double collar shirts

Double collar shirts, by Vittorio Marchesi.
Double collar shirts are the most successfull product of Vittorio Marchesi huge collection. These are
the shirts that have attracted the attention of thousand of men all around the world. We are sure that
all these men have something in common; they love elegance and refinement of italian fashion and
they wish to dress something that can make them look different.
How it started.
Vittorio Marchesi is an italian shirtmaker based in Milan. The founder, tired of dressing standard
shirts, started to think about to produce something that could surprise his customers. So he
dedicated himself to develop a new kind of shirt.
The double collar shirts suddendly have begun to become very popular worldwide and, thanks to
them, our brand too. In clubs, restaurants, in the workplace, in commercial centers, people have
started to reconize themselves dressing one of them; travelling from Berlin to Tokyo, passing
throught Dubai, Moscow and Singapore, these shirts have become a status quo, a piece of clothing
that every man would like to dress to look stylish and elegant at the same time.
How double collar shirts are made.
Double collar shirts were born after having palyed with different components of the shirt for a long
The collar is the most important part of shirts, that's why our stylist began to redisign it; the first
step was to increase the height to make it more showy; then he placed a second collar, adding one or
more buttons on its sides as multiple button down. He continued to enjoy his creative process
adding fancy details, as colorful inserts and pipings inside and outside the collar; he did the same
for cuffs and for the frontal pleat; finally he added a lot of colorful buttonholes and stichings.
In the end Vittorio Marchesi has achieved to realized a new kind of high-end slim fit shirt; showy
but comfortable, fancy but refined, stylish but elegant, produced in our dedicated factory located
near Milan, with the best italian cottons, to give our customers the chance to dress an italian shirt.
Versatile shirts.
Double collar shirts are a very versatile piece of clothing. They can be dressed in free time for a
very casual look with jeans and sportive jackets. These shirts suit very well for night events;
dinners, parties or where everyone wishes to be the center of attention. Moreover, thanks to the
appropriated and delicated colours matching, they can give you a sharp and elegant look also in the
workplace during informal meetings.
Visit the dedicated section on our website to discover our collection of
double collar shirts.