drexel scott straight to sex

The Easiest and Most Productive
Seduction Formula
Let's dive right into these few paragraphs that have been reduced from 30+
pages. Do yourself a favor and read every word right now.
After reading this you will discover that the key to increasing the frequency of
sex you get will be determined by how well you understand just 2 things. And
these are two things that you probably already know about. The only difference
is your success and how well you benefit from this formula will be based on
how well you act on these two things.
Keeping these two things in mind will allow you to dramatically increase the
amount of sex you get in a very short amount of time.
The formula always works, so if you want more sex, pay attention. Before I
reveal what it is, let's look at some super simple facts:
Fact #1: Having sex is fun.
Fact #2: Having more sex is more fun!
At any rate, the formula (or the components that will allow you to have high
quality sex) is driven by two factors: Opportunity + Perception.
That's it.
Sex = Perception + Opportunity (That’s the formula!)
Do yourself a favor and remember this formula for the rest of your life. It’s the
simplest seduction formula on the planet that ever will be created. And as long
as it is engrained into your mind, you will be changed forever.
Forgot about the hard-to-apply seduction techniques that are followed by a
strong urge to practice it like hell.
Forget about long, hard-to-remember seduction techniques. I've seen them all.
And every time I read these impossible-to-remember techniques I bust out
Forget about seduction techniques that are created from silly scripts that don't
offer any success-driven understanding. They say: “Tell her blah, blah, blah
and she'll go crazy.”
Most guys are intelligent enough to know that any success stemming from
such methods is purely a result of having the confidence (or balls) to perform
Unfortunately, you need more than just confidence to execute seduction
Sex = Perception + Opportunity
If you are already getting the amount of sex you want then by law you are
meeting the requirements.
If you don't understand what that means, that’s not a problem. It will be
explained in great detail later.
Here’s a quick story that is true.
About six years ago I became the number one salesman for a company. The
top executives became so impressed with the sales records I was breaking that
they made special trips to see me. When asked what I saying to the customers,
I told them:
"…nothing special. I just focus on getting the customer to realize that it makes
sense (perception) to buy what I am offering and then finding out if they have
the money to buy or the time to buy (opportunity)."
Even though that response didn’t impress them it was simple and very
effective. In the seduction world the same rules apply.
The opportunity to allow sex to take place must be there. And she must
perceive you as a person that is sexually desirable.
Before we look at getting that “lust-generating” perception -- which can be a
very exciting process -- let’s look at what it means to have an opportunity.
In simple terms, if you want to have sex with a female but there is no place to
do it, then that means you don't have an opportunity to have sex with her.
You would think that this is obvious, but many guys get rejected for sex
because they have no opportunity when they initiate (ask for) sex.
For example a guy initiates sex with his “neat-freak” female companion even
though his room/apartment is messy. He has no idea that an opportunity
doesn’t exist.
An opportunity is simply a place, convenient time, suitable mindset, to have
The reason why this seemingly obvious part of this simple equation is being
spotlighted is because there are millions and millions of guys out there that
aren’t having sex just because they lack the opportunity. They haven't created
an opportunity.
Just because you are willing (or you think there is an opportunity) doesn't mean
that your partner is willing under the same conditions.
So as you can see, it is super simple to focus on finding out what her obstacles
are so that you can remove them. And as a result, you will lengthen your
opportunities to have sex - which is simply the potential to have sex.
Many guys have no concept of her personal distractions - the things that make
her incapable of having sex. She may want to have sex with you, but she may
not want to have sex in a messy room (for example). She may be desiring sex
or at a minimum open to the idea one second, but not open to the idea of
having sex a little bit later on when she is tired.
To maximize your opportunities, you need to REMOVE the obstacles that turn
her off and then ADD the things that turn her on.
For example:
It would be good to initiate sex in a clean room.
It would be better to initiate sex in a clean room with candles or music playing
(or whatever turns her on)
This seems painfully obvious. But if you are not getting the amount of sex you
want from her you are probably not satisfying the “opportunity” part of the
formula on some scale.
Chances are she has told you to either: dress up, find a babysitter, play music,
decorate the room, buy handcuffs, blah blah blah. These are things that create
and maximize your opportunity.
If she is tired all the time, then a $5 bottle of vitamins could do the trick.
Attack the problem. Create the opportunity.
Now that I have exhausted you with the “opportunity” portion I will now
charge you up as we dive into the perception part of the equation. Being able to
control her perceptions is undoubtedly exciting.
It’s pure 100% fun.
And all it requires is that you get her to have the perception that you are
sexually desirable. Your goal isn’t to be the sexiest man on the planet. You just
need to be sexually desirable to the female you want to have sex with at that
If you hate/despise yourself with a soul-blackening passion, that has nothing to
do with this simple seduction formula. As long as she perceives you as
sexually desirable she will be willing to have sex with you.
If she has that magical perception, then it doesn’t matter if you think 99% of
women would rather be gang-raped by a tribe of trolls than to have thoughts of
having sex with you.
It's that simple.
And no I'm not referring to the evil sexually acts of trolls, I am talking about
capturing and winning her perception.
You don’t need long scripts.
You don’t need to hypnotize her.
You don’t even have to engage her imagination on a deep level.
When you think about the purpose (the bottom line) of doing the things that
were just mentioned (and I'm not against them), then you will quickly have no
choice but to realize that it is really about getting her to that point where she
thinks (internalizes thoughts) that you are sexually desirable.
If you went up to a random female and you blurted out to her something
bizarre like: “I don't like you. You are a dumb female.” then in about 1.5
seconds she is going to get the perception that you are an asshole. Right?
I don’t recommend doing this. But seriously, in a short among of time she is
going to get an instant perception of you.
And even though it is bad, it was an instant perception.
It may be that you are childish, rude or weird, but either way she will get an
instant perception of you.
Did you have to use any complicated language patterns to get her to feel this
Was it necessary to put her into a deep trance in order for her to get the
impression that you are rude jerk?
The same works for getting her to feel that you are sexually desirable.
Chances are she has told you what those ingredients are.
Your job is to keep increasing the intensity of the perception until it reaches the
maximum level. And we’ll refer to this level as the Rock Star Level.
Because all a Rock Star he has to do is point to the bed and she’ll jump on it
shaking with desire with her panties dripping wet.
If you are trying to maximize the intensity of her sexual “perception” of you,
then you are striving to reach this level.
Let’s examine the elements/ingredients of the Rock Star and see why he has so
much Sexual Value.
1. He is adored by many
2. He is scarce/rare (hard to get)
The main reason why women go crazy over the Rock Star is because all the
other women want him plus he isn’t easily accessible. A lot of his value comes
from the fact that he is out of reach.
So if a female ever gets an opportunity to have sex with the Rock Star (and
they are under the assumption that most women could not be with him even if
they wanted to) they melt!
They lose control.
So in your world, all you need is for your woman to get the “combination of
elements” that get you the right perception.
Your Assignment (due tomorrow): Think of what you could do to send the
message to her that you are “rare” and “adored by many”. You don’t really
have to be. It’s just a matter of perception.