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univ essay

[Music] what's up guys his Josh and we're back again with another video you guys seem to
have liked the videos where I've read out some of my college essay (I have done this essay
thanks to ​university essay help​from so today I'm going to read another one
of my Yale suppli it'll be a little bit of a shorter video since I think the word limit for this essay
was only 200 it was one of the shorter supplements the prompt was about community what
is a community that you belong to reflect on the footprint that you have left you may define
community and footprint in any way you would like growing up as a military breath I became
incredibly skilled to packing boxes every year or two I put all my things on a truck and leave
my friends my comfort in my community gone I never spent too much time in one place and
with the ambiguity of my lifestyle I never knew when it would be time to pack up and leave I
had to focus on building my community quickly but more importantly creating the legacy that
I would leave behind I have friends from all over the country ranging from the Black Hills of
South Dakota to the heart of Montgomery Alabama I don't value one place over another but
rather focus on the stories and personal experiences I've gained from each of my mini home
there's no better feeling than getting a text from an old friend then they miss me doing magic
tricks at lunch or playing poker on Friday night I strive to be remembered by the positive
impact I've made on my peers although I've been to eight different schools for different boys
countries and probably 20 different baseball team he's diverse and interesting people all
belong to the same community community of my friend all right guys that was this like I said
it was pretty short I hope you guys enjoyed it if you're new to the channel and you're
probably wondering why I haven't been responding to any of the comments last couple
videos it's because currently I'm hiking to mountains in Massachusetts so I can't really
respond to videos that they're doubt I have service I should see you guys soon and have all
my technology back and be back online by Friday or Saturday when I actually get back to
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