Biologie - Université de Neuchâtel

Thèses en biologie, Université de Neuchâtel, janvier 2017
Fernández Parra,
Leonardo David
Assessing the patterns and causes of diversity in free-living unicellular
eukaryotes (protists) using biogeographical, macroecological and landscape
genetic approaches
Kamba Mebourou,
Investigations on resting site preferences by the tsetse fly Glossina pallidipes
(Diptera, Glossinidae) as a means of improving the efficacy of visual baits for 2016 2576
tsetse population control
Mulot, Matthieu
Effect of simulated climate change on the structure and functioning of
Sphagnum peatlands-an experimental and modeling study
2016 2563
Tatti, Dylan
Des formes d'humus au bois mort et du bois mort aux formes d'humus :
contribution à l'étude des formes d'humus et des communautés
lombriciennes en zone forestière subalpine, avec une emphase particulière
sur le bois mort
2016 2555
Jaffuel, Geoffrey
Enhancing the use of entomopathogenic nematodes for biological control of
root pests: from field persistence to improved shelf-life
2016 2548
Durand, Jonas
Evolution of a local population of a multiple-strain pathogen in its vector
2016 2546
Trivellone, Valeria
Biodiversity conservation and sustainable management in the vineyard
agroecosystem: an integrated approach for different trophic levels
2016 2544
Andrade, John
In vitro feeding of ixodid ticks using a silicone membrane for testing effects of
2016 2539
systemic acaricides on tick feeding and mortality
Zeller, Michael
Impact of environment on co-evolution between hosts and parasites
2016 2536
Borgeaud, Christèle
Strategic social behaviour in wild vervet monkeys
2016 2533
Rojas Mora, Luis
Oxidative stress in sperm competition games : experimental tests of the
soma vs. germline allocation trade-off in wild House Sparrows "Passer
2016 2532
Rottet, Sarah
Investigations of candidate plastoglobule proteins : characterization of
chloroplast NON-INTRINSIC ABC PROTEINS 13 and -14 in Arabidopsis thaliana
2016 2531
& Constitutive expression of CAROTENOID CLEAVAGE DIOXYGENASE 4 leads
to a reduced level of photosynthesis-related carotenoids during senescence
Simon, Anaële
Highways and subways : a story of fungi and bacteria in soils
2017 2578
2016 2528
Filippidou, Sevasti
Sporulation capability and metabolic mechanisms of endospore-forming
Firmicutes under conditions limiting for growth and survival
2016 2527
Barreaux, Antoine
Ecological immunity of Anopheles gambiae mosquitoes
2016 2525
Gingins, Simon
What makes a cleaner a cleaner ?
2016 2530
Flacio, Eleonora
Long term survey and control strategies of mosquitoes in southern
Switzerland with focus on the invasive exotic species Aedes albopictus
2016 2522
Montandon, Cyrille
Identification and characterization of putative Toc159 interacting partners
2015 2487
Vieu, Julien
Historical biogeography of a species rich plant genus from the montane
forests of the tropical Andes, Macrocarpaea (Gentianaceae)
2015 2480
Rion, Vanessa
Bas-marais et prairies humides du Haut-Jura : relations sol-végétation et
2015 2468
Bergottini, Veronica
Assessing the role of native plant growth-promoting Rhizobacteria as bioinoculants for Yerba Mate (Ilex paraguariensis)
2015 2466
Kenneil, Rachel
The immune response to live vaccines against bovine anaplasmosis
2015 2454
Lis, Katarzyna
Analysis of Anaplasma marginale strains grown in vitro
2015 2453
Direct and indirect defense response of Lima bean (Phaseolus lunatus) to
Cumplido, Johnattan herbivory: implications for tritrophic interactions
2015 2447
Stigliano, Egidio,
The role of palmitoylation in the secretory pathway of plants
2014 2443
Lakshmanan, Ashok
Discovering the functions of the acidic domain of Toc159
2014 2431
De Lange, Elvira
Tritrophic interactions on cultivated maize and its wild ancestor, teosinte
2014 2430
Geiser, Céline
Genome evolution and mechanisms underlying reproductive isolation in the
polyploid Biscutella laevigata
2014 2412
Veyrat, Nathalie
The role of indole in maize-herbivore interactions
2014 2408
Kosakyan, Anush
Phylogeny, Systematics and Ecology of Free Living Protists. Case study: family
2014 2401
Senerchia, Natacha
Transposable element and genome evolution following hybridization in wild
2014 2396
Bueche, Matthieu
Spore-forming bacteria as indicators of pollution in sediments of Lake Geneva 2014 2394
Amossé, Joël
La faune du sol comme indicateur de la qualité des sols urbains : étude des
communautés de vers de terre, d'enchytréides et de nématodes et de leurs
relations avec des sols d'âges différents.
Di Lascio, Felice Elias Social strategies and tool use in wild corvids
2014 2392
2014 2385
Gurba, Alexandre
Aspects of the sensory physiology of the pollination of Petunia axillaris and
mating in moth pests
2013 2478
Spatio-temporal variability and restoration effects on below-ground
biodiversity and soil ecosystem functioning at the Thur floodplain,
2013 2382
Wunderlin, Tina
Diversity of endospore-forming bacteria in sediment as a proxy for
environmental lake history
2013 2371
Scherrer, Luc
Etude sur la purification des eaux de gravité passant à travers le sol forestier
2012 2370
Joris, Caroline
Tsetse fly responses to volatile plant compounds
2013 2366
Chappuis, Charles
The behaviour of the tsetse fly Glossina pallidipes (Diptera, Glossinidae): from
2013 2361
host seeking to biting
Kessler, Sébastien
The sugar meal of the african malaria mosquito Anopheles gambiae Giles and
how deterrent compounds interfere with it : perception mechanisms and
2013 2359
physiological implications
Van Noort, Tom
Colour polymorphism in the leaf beetle genus 'Oreina'
Berggoetz, Mirko
Ticks and tick-borne pathogens at the interplay of game and livestock animals
2013 2353
in South Africa
Bravo, Daniel
Assessing the diversity and metabolism of oxalotrophic bacteria in tropical
2013 2352
Boachon, Benoît
Study of the interaction between the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana and
the pathogenic bacteria Pseudomonas syringae
2010 2350
Ferro, Katia Imeria
The impact of oxalogenic plants on soil carbon dynamics : formation of a
millennium carbon storage as calcium carbonate
2012 2347
Herrmann, Coralie
Biology of Borrelia burgdorferi-infected and non-infected Ixodes ricinus ticks
in the context of climate change
2013 2346
2013 2355
Planchamp, Chantal
Direct and indirect effect of the rhizobacteria Pseudomonas putida KT2440
on maize plants
Fournier, Bertrand
Above- and below-ground aspects of floodplain restoration: from biodiversity
2013 2337
to ecosystem functions
Gomaa, Fatma
Molecular Phylogeny and Taxonomy of Testate Amoebae (Protist) and HostSymbiont Evolutionary Relationships within Mixotrophic Taxa
2012 2324
Paccard, Antoine
The evolution of quantitative traits in response to drought in Arabidopsis
2013 2317
Ayachi, Sanaa
Study of moss vacuoles and functional characterization of the putative
vacuolar receptors, the RMR proteins
2012 2312
Rayaisse, JeanBaptiste
Development of tools to control Palpalis group tsetse flies in West Africa
2011 2311
Balmer, Dirk
Above- and belowground antifungal resistance in maize: aspects of organspecific defense
2013 2308
Martinis, Jacopo
Functional characterization of three ABC1-like kinases found in the
plastoglobule proteome
2012 2306
Zindel, Renate
Mites and endosymbionts- towards improved biological control
2013 2297
Plastoglobules – a new destination for recombinant proteins produced in
transplastomic plants and characterization of plastidial At-SOUL heme
binding protein
2012 2281
Wyss, JeanChristophe
Identification et caractérisation de protéines antigéniques de Borrelia
burgdorferi sensu lato
2012 2279
Lommano, Elena
Agents pathogènes d’importance médicale et vétérinaire chez Ixodes ricinus
en Suisse : infections et co-infections chez les tiques en quête et les tiques
2012 2278
Lovis, Leonore
Evaluation of acaricide resistance in the cattle tick, Rhipicephalus (Boophilus)
2012 2276
microplus, using a new in vitro test and molecular tools
Pérez Bertoni, David
Ecologie de Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato en Suisse : dynamique saisonnière
de la tique Ixodes ricinus, sa relation avec les rongeurs, et implication des
2011 2271
modes de transmission de B. afzelii entre rongeurs et tiques sur la diversité
du gène ospC chez B. afzelli
2013 2343
Tonetti, Nicolas
Dynamique de transmission de Borrelia afzelii par Ixodes ricinus :
comparaisons entre groupes ospC
2012 2268
Salomé, Clémence
Distribution des communautés lombriciennes et pédogenèse en forêts
alluviales. Etude le long de deux gradients écologiques
2011 2260
Quartier, Marion
Etude de l'impact de l'anthropisation sur l'écologie évolution des vecteurs de
la Maladie de Chagas, cas de trois communautés du Tapajós en Amazonie
2012 2257
Robert, Christelle
The Key to Success : Host Plant Adaptations in the Root Herbivore Diatrotica
2012 2248
Virgifera Virgifera
Martin, Meryll M.
Preprotein import in chloroplast biogenesis – Identification and
characterisation of a strong dimerisation mutant of atToc159
2011 2243
Hanitriniaina Olga
Etude de la succession secondaire dans le cadre de la pratique des cultures
sur brûlis au Menabe central, Madagascar
2011 2239
Sriranganadane, Dev
Comparison of proteolytic system secreted in Dermatophytes and Aspergillus
2011 2236
fumigatus, used as a reference
Bshary, Andrea
Punishment and the emergence of public goods in a marine host–parasite
2011 2235
Walter Xavier Alexis
Anaerobic Iron Cycling in a Neoarchean Ocean Analogue
2011 2214
Burri Cordonier,
Encéphalite à tiques en Suisse : suivi de foyers établis dans le canton
de Berne et prospection de nouveaux foyers en Suisse romande
2011 2203
Localization and Interaction of AtRMR Receptors in the Plant
Secretory Pathway
2011 2198
Humbert, Sylvia
Discovery of anammox bacteria in terrestrial ecosystems
2010 2193
Espindola, Maria
Inferring reciprocal evolutionary histories in associated species of
plants and insects in two European pollination systems
2010 2176
Mérey, Georg von
Manipulating maize volatiles to improve the biological control of
insect pests
2010 2175
van de Waal, Erica
Social learning and traditions in wild vervet monkeys
2010 2173
Triponez, Yann
Multi-species phylogeographic investigations in closely-related taxa
and mutualistic plant-insect systems
2010 2155
Debache, Karim
Neospora caninum : from genes to vaccines
2010 2141
Burkhardt, Anne
Evolutionary conflicts and ecological constraints at reproduction in the
2009 2136
dioecious plant Silene latifolia
Poretti, Giulia
Souvenirs et savoirs populaires sur les plantes médicinales : recherche
2009 2125
ethnobotanique dans la région du canton du Tessin
Brandenburg, Anna
The effect of nectar reduction in Petunia Axillaris on foraging behavior
of noctural hawkmoths, observed in laboratory and field behavioral
2009 2121
Roelfstra, Liselore
Characterization of antigenic and morphological properties of
Gasterophilus intestinalis larvae
2009 2112
Borer, Matthias
Phylogeography and biodiversity in an alpine leaf beetle genus
2009 2110
Raveh, Shirley
Mating behaviour and the effects of parasites on reproductive success
2009 2106
in male Columbian ground squirrels (Spermophilus columbianus)
Willisch, Christian S.
The ecology of reproduction in long-lived male Alpine ibex (Capra
ibex) : the role of age, dominance and alternative mating tactics
2009 2102
Roots, earthworms and mycorrhizae : individual and interactive
effects on some chemical, physical and biological properties of soils
2009 2096
Briand, Françoise
Les phéromones sexuelles : utilisées comme moyen de lutte,
évaluation de leur efficacité et mesure de leur impact physiologique
sur les vers de la grappe
2009 2094
Péré, Christelle
Ecological impact of the invasive horse-chestnut leaf miner, Cameraria
ohridella Deschka & Dimic (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae) on native
2009 2093
Buerki, Sven
Worldwide biogeography ans systematics of Sapindaceae : a
molecular and taxonomic survey combining large data sets and novel
methodological approaches
2009 2089
Erb, Matthias
Modification of plant resistance and metabolism by above- and
belowground herbivores
2009 2084
Arrigo, Nils
Hybridization in the Tritcum - Aegilops complex
2009 2078
Rahim, Gwendoline
A plant split-ubiquitin system and TAP-tagging to study in vivo protein
2008 2079
interactions in the chloroplast protein import machinery
Hiltpold, Ivan
Manipulation of tritrophic interactions : a key for belowground
biological control ?
2008 2073
Plant and soil microbe interactions in controlled conditions :
rhizosphere protozoa and bacterial community structure
2008 2068
Schnee, Sylvain
Facteurs de résistance à l'oïdium (Erysiphe necator Schwein.) chez la
vigne (Vitis vinifera L.)
2008 2062
Von Arx, Martin
Perception of host plant volatiles contributes to an optimised strategy
2008 2051
for reproduction in the European grapevine moth, Lobesia botrana
Jourdie, Violaine
Parasotoid communities and genetic structure : host plant does not
2008 2050
Omer Laivao, Michel
Contribution à la systématique du genre Pandanus (Pandanaceae) à
2008 2045
Lawo, Nora Caroline Compatibility of Bt-transgenic crops with biological control
2008 2041
Manni, Michela
Discrete adrenergic influence on the skin response to pathogenassociated molecular pattern (PAMPs)
2008 2038
Jossi, Maryline
Rhizosphere bacterial communities associated with Lolium perenne :
structuration and plant-mediated influences
2008 2024
Arsic, Dany
Molecular functional characterization of appetence maturation and its
nutrient-dependent control in the African malaria mosquito
2008 2021
“Anopheles gambiae”
Rühle, Christine
Study of the epidemiology of ticks and tick-borne diseases in cattle in
the South of the Ivory Coast using reverse line blot-PCR
2008 2002
Dynamics of malaria parasite resistance markers in two areas of
2008 2000
different transmission intensity
Ilegems, Michaël
Class III HD-ZIP transcription factors in patterning and differentiation
of the vascular system in Arabidopsis
2008 1996
Haracca, Vincent
Vertebrate metabolites influence the sensory ecology of tsetse flies,
Glossina spp
2008 1994
Host plant volatiles influence the behavioural responses of the
European grape berry moth, Eupoecilia ambiguella, to its sex
2008 1992
Küffer, Nicolas
Wood-inhabiting aphyllophoroid basidiomycetes : diversity, ecology
and conservation
2008 1989
Nessi, Luca
Host-plan use in the specialist leaf beetle Oreina gloriosa: the role of
2008 2015
linear furanocoumarins
Zava, Olivier
Functional characterisation of AtRMR proteins in Arabidopsis thaliana 2007 1974
Hebeisen, Christian
Population size, density ans dynamics, and social organization of wild
boar (Sus scrofa) in the Basin of Geneva
2007 1973
Hämmerli, Marc
Molecular aspects in systematics of “Gentiana” sect. “Calathianae”
2007 1969
Clot, Bernard
Pollen dans l’air du Plateau suisse : paramètres climatiques et
nouveaux risques pour les allergies
2007 1964
Okmeni Nguemelieu, Functional study of vacular sorting receptors in transgenic Arabidopsis
2007 1963
thaliana plants
Kissling, Jonathan
Phylogenetics of tribe exaceae (Gentianacaea) based on molecular,
morphological and karyological data, with special emphasis on the
genus Sebaea : taxonomic treatment of Exochaenium, Lagenias and
the new genus Klackenbergia
2007 1960
Kaufmann, Christian
Identification, characterisation, and function of adipokinetic
hormones and receptor in the African malaria mosquito, "Anopheles
2007 1954
Gambiae" (Diptera)
Béguin, Daniel
Tree regeneration and growth in wood pastures : pattens and
2007 1929
Alluvial soils in the Swiss Alps : historical, geomorphological and
pedogenetic aspects
2007 1946
Moran Cadenas,
Identification de "Borrelia sp", agent de la borréliose de Lyme et de
l'ADN de l'hôte chez la tique "Ixodes ricinus" et étude de sa
phénologie en fonction de l'altitude en Suisse
2007 1945
Röder, Gregory
Ecological interactions between two species of leaf beetle, a rust
fungus, and their host plant
2007 1947
Tamò Zürcher,
A comparative study on the plant odour preferences and learning
ability of three solitary endoparaditoids of Spodoptera species
2007 1983
Maeder, Muriel
Caractérisation de chitinases chez les nématodes
2007 1935
Hügli, Delphine
Incidence d'infection par Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato, agent de la
Borréliose de Lyme, après une piqûre de tique sur le littoral
neuchâelois, Suisse
2007 1925
D'Andrea, Luigi
Historical and molecular biogeography of prickly lettuce (L. serriola L.)
2006 1864
and evaluation of hybridisation with the crop (L. sativa L.)
Larbi, Mohamed
Influence de la qualité des composts et de leurs extraits sur la
des plantes contre les maladies fongiques.
Mazier, Florence
Modélisation de la relation entre pluie pollinique actuelle, végétation
2006 1912
et pratiques pastorales en moyenne montagne (Pyrénées et Jura)
2006 1869
"Cultivated Basidiomycetes as a source of new products : -in vitro
cultivation development - selection of strains resistant to Trichoderma
viride - Search for new active compounds -factors influencing plasticity 2006 1890
in Grifola Frondosa"
Song, Yi
Evolution and biogeography of Balsaminaceae: insights from
molecular phylogeny
2006 1894
Vidi, PierreAlexandre
On the role of the chloroplast Plastoglobules Lipoprotein Particles
vitamin E Biosynthesis
2006 1881
D'Alessandro, Marco
Assessing the importance of specific volatile organic compounds in
multitrophic interactions
2006 1910
Petronella Alida
Transgene products in honeydew : estimating risks for non-target
2006 1888
Chemosensory and behavioural adaptations for Haematophagy in
Triatomine Bugs (Heteroptera : Reduviidae)
2006 1859
Rasmann, Sergio
Belowground tritrophic interactions
2006 1849
Vogel, Carine
Eco-éthologie de l'hermine (Mustela erminea, L. 1758) : utilisation des
structures paysagères dans une mosaïque composée de zones
2006 1907
forestières, agricoles, urbanisées et revitalisées
Mollah Md.
ß-aminobutyric acid-induced resistance in grapevine against downy
2005 1823
Hodel Hernandez,
Evaluation of a yeast system for studying plant Vacuolar Sorting
Receptors (VSRs)
2005 1800
Roesti, David
Bacterial community associated to the rhizosphere of wheat :
interactions with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and selection of plant
2005 1790
growth promoting rhizobacteria for the increase of wheat growth and
soil health in Indian marginal rainfed fields
Savova Bianchi
Evaluation of gene flow between crops and related weeds : Risk
assessment for releasing transgenic barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) and
alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) in Switzerland
2005 1813
Genetic and ecological aspects of gene flow from wheat
(Triticum aestivum L.) to Aegilops L. species
2005 1872
Weisskopf, Laure
How white lupin can survive in soils with sparingly available
2005 1808
phosphate: cluster root excretion physiology and plant-microbe
Werffeli, Béatrice
La végétation muscinale des zones alluviales de la Sarine et de l'Aar
(Suisse) - Typologie,- stratégies adaptatives,- organisation et
dynamique de la végétation,- éléments d'un indice d'alluvialité
2005 1796
Arantes de Faria,
The nutritional value of aphid honeydew for parasitoids of
lepidopteran pests
2005 1831
Casati, Simona
Etude sur la diversité génétique des tiques Rhipicephalus sanguineus
et Ixodes ricinus, et des agents pathogènes Rickettsia sp, Coxiella sp,
2005 1839
Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato, Babesia sp et le virus de l'encéphalite
à tique en Suisse
The role of odour perception in the sensory ecology of the Stable fly,
Stomoxys calcitrans L.
Obrist, Lena Barbara Ecological effects of transgenic Bt maize on non-target arthropods
2005 1852
2005 1825
Abdelhamid, Sofiane
Etude de la variabilité génétique et culture in vitro du châtaignier
(Castanea sativa Mills)
2004 1767
Havlicek, Elena
Les sols des pâturages boisés du jura suisse : origine et typologie,
relations sol-végétation, pédogenèse des brunisols, évolution des
2004 1762
Kohler, Florian
Influence of grazing, dunging and trampling on short-term dynamics of
2004 1781
grasslands in mountain wooded pastures
Tarnawski, Sonia
Réponse des populations de pseudomonas à une augmentation de la
concentration en CO2 atmosphérique dans la rhizosphère de Lolium
perenne et Molinia coerulea
2004 1785
Zeroual-HumbertDroz, Corine
Interactions reproductives entre Anthoxanthum alpinum diploïde et
Anthoxanthum alpinum tétraploïde; conséquences sur la structure
génétique des populations pures et mixtes.
2004 1815
Aebi, Alexandre
The influence of host plants on the ecological genetics of the third
trophic level: The case of beans, bruchids and their parasitoids
2004 1783
Alvarez, Nadir
Plantes-hôtes et organisation de la diversité des insectes
phytophages, des radiations évolutives aux processus populationnels :
2004 1799
le cas des bruches du genre Acanthoscelides Schilsky (Coleptera:
Quantitative descriptors and their perspectives for food web ecology
2004 1774
Cattin Blandenier,
Food web ecology: models and application to conservation
2004 1741
Do Linh San,
Biologie et écologie du blaireau européen (Meles meles) dans une
population de faible densité (Broye, Suisse)
2004 1776
Callmander, Martin
Biogéographie et systématique des Pandanaceae de l'Océan Indien
2003 1693
Chassot, Philippe
Molecular phylogenetic, karyological and palynological studies in
subtribe Swertiinae (Gentianaceae)
2003 1711
Grant, Jason
Systematics, Biogeography, and Natural History of the Neotropical
Moon-gentians (Macrocarpaea: Gentianaceae)
2003 1710
Hamelin, Jérôme
Influence d'une augmentation en pCO2 atmosphérique sur les
communautés bactériennes associées à Molinia coerulea.
2003 1740
Brunisholz, Valérie
Characterization of the antigenicity of cuticular collagens of
2003 1694
Crippa, Mara
Evolution de Borrelia Burgdorferi sensu lato, agent de la borréliose de
2003 1680
Lyme dans la tique Ixodes ricinus et étude de sa transmission à l'hôte
Jacot, Steve
Etude des gènes exprimés au cours du repas sanguin dans l'intestin de
2003 1677
la tique Ixodes Ricinus
Jouda, Fatima
Etude écologique de Borrelia burgdoferi sensu lato, agent de la
borréliose de Lyme en Suisse et au Maroc: distribution et prévalence
d'infection chez Ixodes ricinus
2003 1730
Lorimier, Yvan
Réponse immunitaire de souris à la salive de tiques Ixodes ricinus :
importances des cellules dendritiques et Tgd
2003 1721
Margraf, Nicolas
Local adaptations in an alpine leaf-beetle
Medjitna, Taha
Djamel Eddine
Dynamique de l'infestation myiasigène par Hypoderma spp. (Diptera :
2003 1725
Hypodermatidae) chez les bovins, sous conditions thérapeutiques
Perret, Jean-Luc
Computer-assisted Laboratory Observations and Field Studies of the
Host-finding Behaviour of the Tick Ixodes ricinus (Acarina: Ixodidae):
Ecological Implications of Climate and Light
Rôle des composés volatils dans l'écologie sensorielle des mouches
Syed, Zainulabeuddin tsé-tsé, Glossina spp., et deux races de la tordeuse grise du mélèze,
Zeiraphera diniana Guénée
2003 1713
2003 1682
2003 1661
Gene Flow in selected crops and related weeds. Risk assessment for
the field release of GMOs: case of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) in
Northern and Middle Europe
2002 1700
Langlade, Nicolas
A physiological and molecular approach to study organic acid
exudation and development of cluster roots in Lupinus albus L.
2002 1614
Manieri, Wanda
Mutational and functional studies on proteins of the
ferredoxin/thioredoxin regulatory system
2002 1669
Azzouz, Fayçal
Identification moléculaire d'une chitinase CHT 1, sa localisation et son
2002 1606
rôle chez le nématode Caenorhabditis elegans
Campan, Erick
Genetic variation in insect performance in a tritrophic interaction on
wild and cultivated beans
2002 1621
Fritzsche Hoballah,
Maria Elena
Costs, benefits and exploitation of caterpillar-induced odour
emissions in maize plants
2002 1608
Gallusser, Stéphanie
Biology, behaviour and taxonomy of two Oleria onega subspecies
(Ithomiinae, Nymphalidae, Lepidoptera) in north-eastern, Peru
2002 1607
Grenacher, Stoyan
Etude des facteurs déclenchant le comportement sexuel chez Ixodes
ricinus L. et de la physiologie de ses sensilles gustatives
2002 1646
Tritrophic Interactions in Maize Storage Systems
2002 1636
Arnold, Claire
Ecologie de la vigne sauvage (Vitis vinifera L.ssp. sylvestris (Gmelin))
dans les forêts alluviales et colluviales d'Europe
2001 1673
Etude du boisement des tourbières hautes de la chaîne jurassienne :
Freléchoux, François typologie et dynamique de la végétation - approche dendroécologique 2001 1583
et dendrodynamique des peuplements arborescents.
Mansion, Guilhem
Phylogenetic relationships within the subtribe Chironiinae
(Gentianaceae),with a particular focus onthe evolutionary trends and
biogeographic patterns of the genus Centaurium Hill s.l.
Mitchell, Edward
Testate amoebae and other micro-organisms in sphagnum peatlands:
2001 1545
ecology, paleoecology and impact of carbon dioxide enrichment.
Rossi, Pierre
Utilisation de bactériophages comme traceurs en hydrologie et en
hydrogéologie: Optimisation des méthodes et recherches sur le
comportement des virus bactériens dans les eaux de surface et dans
les aquifères poreux et fissurés.
2001 1570
Grueter, Eric
Analysis of histone H1 genes and gene products in Trypanosoma
2001 1546
Labeyrie, Estelle
Mater choice, predation and chemical defense in two species of
alpine leaf beetles
2001 1568
Mejri, Naceur
Modulation de la réponse immunitaire de souris BALB/c infestées par
la tique Ixodes ricinus, importance de la salive pour l'induction d'une 2001 1577
réponse Th2 in vitro
Calame, François
Ecological and genetic relationships between sexual and asexual
Taraxacum section Ruderalia
2000 1582
Humair, David
Analysis and reconstitution of plant vacuolar. Targeting pythways in
saccharomyces cerevisiae.
2000 1565
Alaeddine, Ferial
Etudes moléculaires de la surface des nématodes
2000 1543
Di Mito, Carmela
Isolation et caractérisation de gènes codant pour des protéines
cuticulaires des nématodes Ascaris suum et Brugia pahangi.
2000 1560
Specificity and Variability of Induced Volatile Signalling in Maize Plants 2000 1536
2001 1698
Kalberer, Nicole
Dispersal, its influence on reproduction and host plant finding in the
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1999 1750
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cotylédons de courge - Une nouvelle hypothèse
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Relations entre les spirochètes de la borréliose de Lyme et leur
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Organisation sociale d'une population de renards (Vulpes vulpes) en
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1994 1227
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Chemostimuli involved in host finding and recognition in Varroa
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Presence and Metabolism of Ecdysteroids during Embryonic
Development of the Argasid Tick ORNITHODOROS MOUBATA and of
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Eco-éthologie de la fouine (Martes foina Erxleben, 1777) dans le Jura
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Tausendfüssler der Schweiz (Diplopoda)
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Amblyomma variegatum Fabricius
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1992 1216
trois stations du pied du Jura
Etude des protéines radioactives associées à l'enveloppe du
chloroplaste de l'épinard après protéosynthèse in organello en
présence de 35S-méthionine
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Rôle des lipides diacylés dans l'interaction des herbicides
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Application de l'écologie des diatomées littorales de lacs carbonatés à
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Yolk degradation in tick eggs
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(Ixodoidea, Ixodidae): Effets sur la composition et la digestion du
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The Digestive Aspartic Proteinases of the Brown Ear Tick,
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Neuchâtel (Suisse)
1989 1068
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Grand-Marais (Plateau Suisse)
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Jura suisse
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Etude de certains facteurs intervenant lors de la recherche de l'hôte,
chez la tique Amblyomma variegatum, Fabricius 1794 (Acarina:
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taxonomie et écologie
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licheniformis, la synthèse et l'activité de l'amylase dans un milieu
synthétique et dans le sol
1988 1020
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Jura suisse
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Acquaspirillum autotrophicum
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(ouest de la Suisse)
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connaissance de la faune diptérologique helvétique
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cellulaire chez les Mollusques hôtes intermédiaires des Schistosomes
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1987 1005
1988 1032
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Haut Jura suisse
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Blood Digestion in Ornithodorus moubata murray sensu stricto
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De la détection automatique des mitochondries sur les micrographies
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Miremad-Gassmann, moniliformis Bremser, 1811 (Acantocephala), et étude de ses
relations immunologiques avec Rattus norvegicus Berkenhout, 1769,
var, albinos
1981 873
1981 864
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développement des Polystomes (Monogènes) parasites d'Amphibiens 1981 858
anoures de basse Côte-d'Ivoire
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les oiseaux aquatiques
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filaire en relation avec la réponse immunitaire des hôtes.
(Litomosoides in Cotton Rats and Jirds)
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Ixodidae) 1er partie, 2e partie, 3e partie
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Monitore zoologico italiano
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(Speg.) Pet. et Syd., agent du coître de la vigne
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1974 716
celle des Pyrénées
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végétation dans le Jura central
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souris snell naines et normales et réponse à l'infection par le virus PR8
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