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Standard Rules in Dry Cleaning

Standard Rules in Dry Cleaning
If you want to be successful in dry cleaning,
then the first and most important rule is to
follow the standard rules in dry cleaning. This
will ensure that you do not get into trouble and
that your customers have a pleasant
experience when getting their clothes
cleaned. There are two standard rules that
you need to follow. These are the rules that
have been put down by the American Society
of Apparel Merchandisers and the National
Association of Manufacturers.
Rules For Dry Cleaning
The first rule is that you need to have been
trained on how to clean clothes. There are no
jobs in dry cleaning that can be done without
being taught how to do it properly. You need
to know how to use the equipment and how to
apply the product so that your clothes are
thoroughly cleaned. Clothes need to be
washed on a regular basis to remove stains
and keep them in good condition.
Another rule that you need to follow is that
you should not leave clothes on a hanger for
too long. Human skin absorbs moisture very
quickly. This means that if you are waiting for
them to dry cleaners Pimlico out before
putting them away, you could cause an
irritation. It is also a good idea not to put tape
or any other sort of barrier between your
clothes and the hanger.
The third rule is that you need to protect your
clothes from the dryer. There is no need to put
the hanger into your dryer, as it will cause
your clothes to become hot and cause them to
wrinkle up. Put them on a hook in the closet
instead. Make sure that there is plenty of air
flow to help the drying process.
The fourth rule is that you need to let your
clothes air dry on their own. The clothes are
simply too delicate to ever need to be pressed
into a dryer. Always use a clothesline to dry
off your linen.
The fifth rule is that you need to move quite
quickly through the process. You do not want
to have to take your clothes out of the dryer,
hang them to dry on a line to air dry, and then
put them back in. This can take up to ten
minutes, especially on a large, bulky garment.
If you are dealing with a small garment, it may
only take five or ten minutes.
The sixth rule is to never use the wrong kind
of hanger for your clothes. A wooden hanger
is the wrong choice. They will cause the
clothes to wrinkle up, and they will also
scratch the fabric. Use plastic, metal, or any
other material.
Some Standard Rules
These are just some of the standard rules in
dry cleaning. It would be impossible to
mention every single rule, as each one varies
depending on the type of garment that you
are cleaning. However, these are some of the
most important ones. Follow them, and you
should be fine. Even if you do not follow them
all, you should at least follow most of them, so
that you will not have a problem when you try
to dry clean your clothes at home.
When you are drying your clothes, always
place them in an open area, like a window. It
is much better for the clothes to get some air
flow, since air dries clothes faster. You can
also put them in the bathroom to dry, but I do
not recommend it. I think that they need a lot
of fresh air to actually work properly. Instead,
place them on your bedroom table in the
open. After about twelve hours, they will be
ready to wear.
Never hang your clothes by the hanger. They
will not dry properly if they are hanging by the
hanger. They will also be too wrinkled if they
are cradled in that way. Instead, let them hang
up by a stand, or in a closet in your house.
Hopefully, you now understand what standard
rules in dry cleaning mean. It is important that
you follow these rules when you dry your
clothes in a way that will leave them looking
their best. If you do not, your clothes will be
stiff and wrinkled, and this is not what you
want. Also, make sure that you learn how to
properly hang your dryer. These are two very
important things to know about dry cleaning.