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What Is the Difference Between Dry Cleaning Services and Laundry?

What Is the Difference Between Dry Cleaning Services
and Laundry?
There is a huge debate going on about which is better, dry cleaning or
laundry. To many people, washing is something that needs to be done at least
once a week and dry cleaning should only be done when needed. When you
go to the dry cleaners, you can get everything out. You are able to put it in a
little hamper or put it in the washer for cleaning. The only thing that is left is
to throw away the rest.
Some of the people who are against Dry Cleaning Services use a lot of
laundry products in their clothes. They don't mind the smell and they like the
fact that there is less dirt. These people feel that the only thing that is left
after using the dryer is clean clothes. This could not be further from the truth.
Dry Cleaning is Good For Stain Removal!
Dry cleaning is good for certain types of clothes such as white and stain
removal. Washing it by itself won't remove the stain and you will have to be
aware that certain brands will leave stains while others won't. There are
brands of laundry detergents that are specifically designed for washing dry.
These detergents will definitely get the job done.
The main problem that most people have with dry cleaning is that the clothes
end up soiled and wrinkled. If you don't use detergent that is specially made
for dry cleaning, then you are in for a battle. The best solution to this is to
buy some laundry detergent that is designed to get rid of wrinkles. The only
problem with this is that you have to buy laundry detergent that is specifically
for dry cleaning. In most cases you will pay a lot more than you would have
to pay for laundry detergent that is for regular laundry.
The only way you can get around this problem without buying special
laundry detergent is to rent some dry cleaning equipment from your local
home improvement store. You should look at their list of laundry supplies
that they have available and you should compare the cost of renting the
equipment versus just buying it. For regular clothing you might not need to
rent the equipment and you will save money doing this.
When it comes to stains that you cannot get out with regular cleaning, dry
cleaners will be your best friend. Most stains can be cleaned out very easily
when they are on dry. The clothes are still fresh and in great condition when
they are washed on a dryer. Laundry detergents have chemicals that can
damage your clothes and dry cleaning will not damage your clothes at all.
Professional Users Use Machines With Separate Cycles!
I have read many articles that state that the answer to what is the difference
between dry cleaning or laundry is that laundry will stain. This is why you
should just buy the clothing you normally would. It is also why most
professional cleaners will use a cleaning machine with separate cycles for
washing and dry cleaning. This is how they stay ahead of the game. The
clothes are clean in the dryer and then come back out nice and fluffy in the
You may not have heard much about what is the difference between dry
cleaning or laundry but I am sure you have been given some facts that
confused you. I suggest reading more articles like this one to clear up any
confusion you may have. Remember that your home is one of your greatest
investments and you need to make sure you do all you can to protect it. The
longer you use your home to live in, the better it will be for you.
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