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Future of Online Counselling is Not Different From The Past

Future of Online Counselling is Not Different From
The Past
Online therapy, online counselling, e-counselling, e-therapy, cyber counselling, email
counselling and virtual counselling all describe the same thing – professional counselling
services that are offered online. While a few counsellors engage with customers through
asynchronous or the session of live chat or through the sessions of live web cam, much
virtual or online counselling is same to the lost art of journaling and letter-writing.
Anybody that has had the knowledge of letter-writing recognizes of the emotional intensity
that can occur between people that are sharing their inner involvements by writing to each
other. The particular letters can be every bit as penetrating (or more) as a direct session of
counselling. Similarly, journaling can even be an intense, wonderful and soulful way of
sorting out problems and experiences in our daily lives. Doing conversation with a
professional of Anxiety Counselling through writing and reflection is an influential way of
getting complete support and making necessary changes.
Virtual or online Children Counselling really assists in different manners. The letter writing
which is part of online Gambling Addiction counselling is itself satisfying. Writing about
feelings and thoughts assists to make some sense of them. The supports of research that a
therapeutic letter can be as commanding as 4 to 10 direct sessions of counselling! Virtual or
online counselling may have ongoing benefits since the customer has an everlasting record of
correspondences to refer to as a support and reminder.
The secrecy of online writing letters may mostly free people up to actually "discuss" about
what is on their mind. In case you have ever experienced the letter’s intensity to a family
member or close friend you will know how prevailing letters can be. Virtual or online
counselling sometimes lets a greater level of intimacy because customers feel less inhibited to
show their feelings and thoughts. It can be mainly important for people that have not
experienced Depression Counselling before and are somewhat discreet about seeing a direct
counselor. Even, Online Counselling is a safe and natural place to discuss with people that
are shy or that can feel embarrassed discussing about difficult issues like addictions or
The suitability of virtual or online counselling is without a doubt a strong factor explaining its
growing popularity. Counselling online attracts people that cannot be able to access these
services or have very some accesses because of their location or as of mobility problems.
Even, online counselling attracts people just because of health concerns, child care or time
limitations would find it tough to attend direct counselling sessions. Ultimately, online
counselling attracts people because written communication permits people to show on their
knowledge and express themselves in a manner that does not necessarily happen with direct
or telephone counselling. Finally, counselling online can be accessed without waiting to fix a
So, while the web technology and the counselling idea happening through exchange of
correspondences between client and counsellor is new, the intimacy and power of connecting
through letters has been around for a long.
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