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Who We Are
I am a Master practitioner in Clinical Counseling with a private practice in
Edmonton, Alberta. I focus on adults and families struggling with mental health
issues, ranging from depression and anxiety to addiction, conflict, and
relationship issues. Many practices divide limited attention and resources across
many clients; my philosophy has always been one of quality over quantity,
devoting the time and attention needed to help clients achieve mental wellness.
This does result in my only being able to see a limited number of clients
weekly, but the trade-off in specialized attention that I can provide is
tremendous. I utilize an integrative approach to help clients discover the
prototypes (or causes) in their lives, which are the roots of their unhappiness
and sorrow.
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Couples Counselling; It is a wonderful feeling to be in a relationship with someone
that you love or care about. That is why it can be equally painful and upsetting
when that relationship starts to develop problems.
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