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Over the weekend I was sent a message about recent events in New Berlin, Wisconsin. This
latest escapade is a mind blower yet not surprising. Normally this would fall under sexual
predator behavior but I consider it a problem of Peer Abuse as well.
Recently, a young man named Anthony R. Stancl created an account by pretending to be
female. As this female, he encouraged 31 boys between the ages of 13 and 19 to send nude
pictures of themselves to him. Away from the computer, he blackmailed these boys into
performing sexual acts with the threat of showing the pictures to everyone at school. Some
of the assaults occurred on school grounds while others occurred elsewhere in the
community. This same young man went to a local library and sent the school a bomb threat
in an email. The young man was turned over to the police about this but let go because he
did not present a danger. However, after this, one of the boys came forward about the
pictures which prompted an investigation. Not only did this young man have these pictures
online saved to his computer but had over 300 movies and other pictures of children within
his collection. Needless to say, he has been arrested, appeared in court and showed no
remorse for his action. This young man is 18 years old which makes him an adult.
I know that these actions come across as sexual predator behavior. However, I see a good
deal of bullying and peer abuse in there. For starters, the cyberbullying occurred where he
impersonated another identity and manipulated his victims into giving him the pictures.
Next, he used the threat of blackmail unless they complied with his wishes. For him to carry
this out, he had to have developed some sharp manipulation skills. Bullies learn
manipulation early in life. This is a way of survival with them. The fact that these acts
occurred over a period of time shows how he used this power and consistently. This was
used in an abusive manner as it was done against the will of these boys. What was
uncovered on his computer was pictures of children in a sexual manner which leaves me to
believe that this young man was a sexual predator or becoming one. Sexual predators, for
the most part, start out as bullies.
This situation itself is a sad one. Several young boys will probably be dealing with issues that
developed from this. A young man who could have had a bright future if he had been
steered in the right direction will probably be spending a great deal of time in jail. Society
itself needs to start to become aware of the psychological makeup of these bullies. Try and
catch this early on instead of excusing it. The police could not even pick up on his behavior
until the investigation broke. Please, do what you can to get educated so our children will
not be harmed as a result of this problem. We are losing children daily because of this and
they are our future! It only takes a voice and education one day at a time.
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